Your prayers brought my breakthrough and my healing…

Thank you for your Prayers… I finally received significant healing and deliverance last Thursday. Thank you for all your prayers. I was able to come out of the agreement of believing a life long lie that I had adopted as part of my identity. I will continue soaking with Father and using your cd to receive healing for my heart. Your prayers brought my breakthrough and my healing- thank you. Now I am expecting my finances to rebound very soon. Bless you and Praise Father God for healing my lower back healing and restoring my strength. I know that these other infirmities are gone in Jesus’s name. Thank you for your ministry teaching and most importantly, your prayers. (My back has hurt continuously for the last two years, so I feel like a new person since my pain is gone!) . Praise God and Thank you, Jesus and Holy Spirit, and Expected End Ministry -J.S.

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