Lesson 16

Last time, I explained to you why I have the legal right to lead you into getting rid of idols in the courts. Remember to have your tithe and communion elements with you as we activate.

We’re going to go up into the court, and this is how it works. Your spirit man goes up into the court for you. When I see us in the court, I see us going up as we are here on earth. It’s our spirit man’s likeness that goes up. I see the doors of the court opening right now, and your likeness, your similitude, is going up too.

Everyone’s filing in, and getting seated in the court right now. The bailiff just walked in the room, and he said, “All rise, The judge of all the Earth is coming into the court”. Let’s honor Him, and praise Him as he walks in – the judge of all the Earth. We love you, Lord. We thank you. Righteous judge of all the Earth, we give you the honor, glory, and majesty. We thank you for sitting in this courtroom today, presiding over this session. We honor you, great and glorious, righteous judge of the Earth.

The bailiff is coming in, and says, “Be seated. Court is in session”.

The Holy Spirit, and Jesus are sitting at the desk marked “Defendant”, and now I see lots of little minions bringing boxes of evidence against us. I see calculators with long tapes, because they’ve been adding up all the times we spent money on idols, and they’re using it as evidence against us. There’s an argument going on between them. They look a little flustered; they didn’t expect us to come to court. Yeah, we’re here. How do you like us now?

Now, a man is standing up, and is droning on and on, as he reads all the charges. Jesus is shaking his head, as if to indicate that this is monotonous and irritating. Jesus puts up his hand, to silence him. Now, he says he wants to hear from the defendants; that’s us. We are going to throw ourselves upon the mercy of the court today!

Pray with me, “Father, we come boldly before the throne of grace, to find mercy and help, in our time of need. Your courtroom is filled with your grace and mercy, and we repent for every bit of idolatry we’ve ever committed.”

Say this prayer, “I repent, of every idolatry I’ve ever committed, every worship of false gods, every time I depended on an idol to feel better, to comfort my soul, and to fulfill my promises, instead of waiting on You. I repent for all idolatry in my family line, going all the way back to Adam. I repent for all sins that I did with my money – g ambling, extortion, theft, embezzlement, bad stewardship, debt, credit card debt, and every sin with money. I also repent of every time I spent money on an idol. I receive the power of the cross, where you made a public spectacle of the enemy, and where all the handwritten ordinances that were against me were nailed. We receive your power right now, in Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Now, we’re going to offer our trade. Take the body, and the blood of Jesus. Remember what Hezekiah did? He instituted the Passover, before he fought the Assyrian King.

I can see all the judges, the magistrates, and the Assyrian camp, who were at the prosecution’s table. They’re now shuddering, because we’re partaking of the body, and the blood of Jesus, where they were made a public spectacle at the cross. They’re shaking, because all the handwritten ordinances that they had against us, are now under the blood, and we’re partaking of it right now. We are making a holy trade together right now. This is the most powerful trade on the floor. As we partake of it, we’re wiping out the sin, debt, and wounding in our soul. We’re partaking of the body, and the blood of Jesus, and it’s coming directly against every assignment, accusation, and curse.

Continue to pray, “So now Lord, we take your precious body that was broken for us. And as we take it, and we eat, we do it in remembrance of you. Likewise, Jesus please take the blood, and wash away all the sins of idolatry in our entire life, in our family line, and in the courts of Heaven. Your blood breaks the legal right of the accusations against us, and we will be loosed from those accusations, and from our crimes that we’ve been accused of committing. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Hebrews 12, says that the blood is in the Court of Zion, speaking a better testimony, so Jesus is testifying of the blood right now. He’s getting in the witness booth, and He’s testifying about how He was sacrificed, the righteous for the unrighteous, so that we could once and for all, become the righteousness of God in Christ.

When He said it, I saw it manifest. The blood began dripping down on all those files, lists, and tapes of tabulations from the machines that were calculating every time we spent money on idols. As the blood drips down, they are burning up.

I hear, “We pronounce them not guilty”. I see the enemies of our souls filing out of the courtroom. The angels are making sure they’re leaving, because they see us partaking of the cross. Now, we will make our trade with our offering, just like Hezekiah did.

And I decree, as we bring our heaps today, that it will be just like those people in Israel. They brought in their heaps – their best offerings, first fruits of their wines, their horn, and their cattle. Then, God made a miracle happen! He made the sunlight go back 10 steps on the sundial of Ahaz. The tithe opened up the realm. Now, we’re going to worship, and we’re going to believe that the realm is going to be opened up for miracles and healing, right now in Jesus’ name, as we bring our offering up into the presence of the court!

Make sure that you sow your seed where Holy Spirit tells you to, and keep up the worship. Share with us your testimonies in the blog comments. I can’t wait to read them! Until next time…

Big Love,

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