Write Down the Revelation

Write Down the Revelation
(Written while incarcerated in 2001)
by Katie Souza

 “Therefore, I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men,” 
  1 Timothy 2:1 (NKJV)

Only four weeks left before my calculated out date! 

We had our first Bible study on getting a word from God!  It’s your word God, not mine.  I asked God when I would hear a word on my case; I heard, “The 7th.” Then to confirm It, without looking at the calendar, I asked the Lord to confirm it by telling me what day of the week it would fall on.  I heard “Wednes…”, well indeed the 7th of November falls on Wednesday! Now, I will ask Sherrie to pick a number.  If she says 7, it’s a 3rd confirmation (She didn’t do it). 

This evening Delia gave me a word that I would be in for 56 months!

After hearing the word given to me last night by Delia about 56 months, it was hard to begin the day. I went to work with this going through my mind. I had on my new headphones and was listening to the share-a-thon. During the entire telethon they gave every example of faith, except the faith of the Roman officer about whom, Jesus said that He had never in all of Israel seen as great a faith.  I was amazed that they had not used that scripture reference in all the prior days of that program. The Roman officer understood the chain of authority.  The top rank tells the lower ranks to go and do this or that. I thought, “That’s God speaking to us, telling us what to do, and we take Him at his word.”  This was an example that had never been set before that time…an example of big faith. 

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Luke 1:37 (KJV)

I came back to the room and opened my Bible to Psalm 105:17-20. This scripture is talking about Joseph and how long it took before what he foretold from his dreams came to pass.  I relate to Joseph. I foretold of my release that I will stay in shackles of iron until the 21st of November. When the word the Lord gave me comes to pass, it will prove God gave it to me. Like for Joseph, the king sent and released him; the rulers of the people set him free. This scripture is my confirmation.

Last night, Sherrie told me that she asked God what was up – what was going to happen to me (she was also worried about the word about 56 months). She heard, “Something is going to happen on the 21st.”  She asked, “What is it God?”  He told her that is all she needs to know right now.  Then He said, “Sister Katie is going to be alright.” 

Last night, I believe I had another gall bladder attack. I had a horrible stomach ache right before I was to give Bible study.  I knew it was an attack from the enemy. I gave Missy a private study at 7:00 pm, so she could go to her room and go to sleep. By 7:30 pm the stomach ache was completely gone!  God wanted this Bible study to happen!  The room was packed. There were more than 30 people there (more than had ever been before). Thank you God!

Yesterday (Friday), I wrote everything down that God had given me before I began to worry about the 56 months. Afterward, I got a peace and release that I can’t explain, and I haven’t worried since.  What happened?  Habakkuk 2 commands us to write down the revelation.  So, when I did, I was being obedient to God. There is something so wonderful about being obedient to God.  Our spirit isn’t in conflict with Him. My spirit man is not in contention, struggling against His will.  When we are in harmony with God, that brings us a peace that passes all understanding.  That in itself is another confirmation that what I “got” was from God.  Because if it wasn’t, I wouldn’t have that peace.

Saturday:  The party was so successful – lots of women, lots of worship, lots of food and gifts! Thank you Jesus!!  You are awesome, Lord.

The date of November 7th was huge for me. I was learning how to hear and trust God’s voice! Have you ever stepped out in faith and declared something improbable that God told you to do or say?  Did you write down the revelation? What happened; did your word come to pass? How did that feel? You will find out in future devotionals what happened to me. In the meantime, comment below about your experience!

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Justice Redhawk
Posted at 15:35h, 08 March Reply

Thank you Katie for opening your heart and life to all of us. Some days, my feelings and the hardships of life get the better of me. But, definitely, some of my old journals have a theme they carried, as I was inspired to write down prayers and thoughts from my heart concerning my (then future) wife...I did not know who that would be, and I really was content as single. My relationship with the LORD was deepening, and I really didn't want to mess that up. Also am still praying for the eight children I STRONGLY BELIEVE are to be a part of our lives. I had a surreal experience outside a Messianic Synagogue with eight children five years ago that confirmed that. Still waiting. Pray for Robyn and I to heal, grow, mature, grow together, love like Jesus, and get to the Promised Land. WE REALLY NEED PRAYER. The word for this morning to me was "COURAGE!!! " Great honor, respect, appreciation to you and those with you. Justice Redhawk

Posted at 06:06h, 07 March Reply

In Jan. of 2014 we were adopting our two little ones Abraham and Sarah from Ukraine. A month after we started their Adoption the Russian/Ukrainian War broke out and our two little ones were in one of the 3 city's where the War and Bombings were active. Even though everyone said we would not get them out we continued and on June 7th we got Travel Dates but were soon told we could not travel due to their City was in the active war with Bombings. I still believed no matter what anyone said. God gave me a Date Sept. 27. In August God told me they would be Home by CHRISTmas. On September 26 I looked at my phone and saw I had missed a phone call that was 3 hours earlier. My phone was on me the whole time, how did I miss the call. It was from our facilatator. I returned the call and she told me Cindy prepare to Travel any day the Team thinks they have found a way to get your children out. I told her how God had give me the Date but He gave me the 27 not the 26. She told me Cindy it is the 27 in Ukraine! Had I gotten the phone call 3 hours earlier it was not the 27 yet in Ukraine. Just as God told me our children were Home by CHRISTmas. December 4th we flew Home with our little ones. Abraham and Sarah , Biological siblings and they were the first War Orphans out of Ukraine, which led the War for more children to get out.. I also just listened to your story on Michael and Gabriel.... I saw two huge Angels in Ukraine when I was going to Court for our little ones. Listening to your Story I now know who the Angels were. And God told me how Michael fights for the Orphans. I have seen this over and over with all the Miracles in our Adoptions. We Adopted in 2017 our little Ayden and in July of 202o our little Alyna and Anya biological sisters who never met until I brought them out of their Orphanages . WE are also almost ready s to submitt our paperwork to bring our sonVitaliy who we have been trying for 4 years to bring Home . All our children we have Adopted are from Ukraine. God called us to Adopt after raising our 8 biological children who are now 41 to 24.

Posted at 12:54h, 06 March Reply

Today God told me my mum would be totally healed from dementia,blindness in one eye,lameness(has to walk with a walker). Also I believe her teeth will be perfect.( no top teeth). Her wrecked house also needs to be fixed majorly before she cam even live in it again. She is in a nursing home and she feels like an abandoned prisoner. Today Jesus gave me zeph 3.9 onwards..it said that the next Jewish feast (which is passover )will be when it happens. Then I touched Sid Roth's app on my phone and David Herzog was talking about whats happening between Passover and Pentecost!!! Major confirmation! Then I get your email saying to "WRITE THE REVELATION DOWN." March 27th to April 4th is passover .. Please ask our Mighty God for a word for me regarding my mum. I love you dearly sis. I pray a blessing on you for a greater depth of Jesus' power to operate through you.

Posted at 02:26h, 06 March Reply

I started soaking... I never really did it before but I’m starting to do it now. I’ve heard about it for a long time it’s supposed to be a good idea. OK this may sound really weird but somewhere I heard that sometimes the devil talks first. But I was thinking that God wanted me to run for the US Congress in PA, but I don’t know if I heard right. I am having trouble asking specific questions. But then I thought maybe that was from the devil. And afterward I dreamt of dolphins. There was a story about pink dolphins. I know I’m going on a tangent but one of the things I’m very excited about is I am starting to study Robert Henderson the courts of heaven. I know Katie Souza is in on that too I would like to know how it helped her.

Posted at 01:35h, 06 March Reply

Katie, Thank you for your teaching and I appreciate your dialogue with God throughout your whole process of seeking God’s will in all things . You remind me that it is important to ask God for accurate confirmation and sometimes, looking for more confirmation especially when the issue is being serious as well. You also remind me on the importance of obedience of God’s word with immediate action. Seeing the result of your experience and blow God is using you to bless many people including me, I thank God for you and I am starting to pray for your ministry daily . I pray that God will keep on using your ministry to bless more people . God bless you 😊🙏🏻

Posted at 00:23h, 06 March Reply

Thank you for sharing this. You are an inspiration to me.

Patricia R Lopez
Posted at 23:16h, 05 March Reply

Katie, I'm waiting for my husband, to be released from prison. san Quentin prison in California is closing up for good. it is on the inner net if you want to look it up. coronavirus and other problems are some of the reasons. my husband, and I expecting and waiting for this to happen. waiting is hard. but, knowing Jesus is on the throne and is working out this for us. please say a prayer for us. thank you, god blessings,

Posted at 23:03h, 05 March Reply

I just want to thank you for sharing pieces of yourself with us. You are Phenomenal... Know that you are touching my life ❤️ I can only imagine what you do for others as well. God bless you and We thank The Holy Spirit for speaking to you. We thank God for using you 😘

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