Lesson 6

When you get healed of Legion, it’s going to change your life! You’re going to have the power and authority to free other people from the control of regional spirits like Legion. Then, the Kingdom of Heaven will take control of that region!

Legion is a regional demon. When Jesus met it face to face, He was stepping on a region of land. Remember, Mark 5 says that when Jesus and the disciples stepped out of the boat onto the region of the Garasenes, there met him out of the tombs, a man with the spirit of Legion. We know Legion was a regional demon because he asked Jesus not to send them out of the region. Legion was assigned to watch over the region of the Garasenes. When Jesus stepped on that land, that regional demon met him to defend that area of land that it had been assigned to.

This is what happens when you go out to minister in other regions, or even in your own region or places you have not been before. As soon as you step out of that boat, plane, or car, a regional demon is going to meet you. Why? It’s looking at your soul to see if you have anything in you that’s in common with it, so it can make you sick, and stop you from ministering in that region.

Have you ever had this happen to you or know of people this has happened to? I knew a young man who went to India, was in perfect health, then got ALS, and died. I’m not trying to scare you. But, this is the way it happens, and I have lived this truth out over and over again. The reason Jesus could step onto the region of the Garasenes and not be made sick: He had nothing in Him that was in common with Legion, so Legion had no power over Him! Instead, Jesus could torment Legion!

One time I stepped off of an airplane onto Virginia soil. It was the first time I’d ever been there and within an hour I had the flu, a yeast infection, and a bladder infection, all at the same time. Welcome to the world of Legion. However, after I got healed of all that, I went back there and kicked some Legion you know what!

You’ve got to get healed. Here’s a good test – go to a family reunion. You probably have some tombs in you regarding that!

The wounded souls of the people living there gives Legion the legal right to be placed in control over entire regions of land. Let me prove it to you. Legion begged Jesus to send it into the pigs. Then, Legion drove the pigs crazy and drove them into the water, right? Next, the pig keepers went and told the people of that region what happened. When they arrived and saw what had happened, the pigs were dead, and the former demoniac was sitting there in his right mind. Then, Mark 5:20 (AMP) says, “So the people began to beg Jesus to leave their region.”

Legion was talking to Jesus through the demoniac when it begged repeatedly not to be sent out of region, and then, Legion was talking through the people of that region when it asked Jesus to leave their region! He wasn’t just on the demoniac at the tombs. He was on all the people of that region. They were all dwelling among the tombs!

The world is full of hurting, critical, bitter, and offended people that have been through trauma. They’re dwelling among the tombs. This gives Legion the right to be over all regions of land.

So, you must get healed in your soul of all your tombs and everything you have in common with Legion. Then, when you step on the region of the Gerasenes, or New York, or Africa, and a regional demon meets you, you can put it under torment. Then, you can begin healing the souls of the people in that region. It will get to the place where spirits will have to leave because they won’t have a legal right to be there anymore. You will have placed the Kingdom of Heaven back in power over a region, instead of a demonic spirit.

Get your soul healed, then learn how to get other peoples’ souls healed. That’s how you take regions. I’m taking some regions by going into churches, conference venues, and prisons all over the country. I’m seeing revival – real revival. When you see inmates (men) dancing on stage, which they would never do, then you know revival is here!

You can usher in revival. When the demoniac got healed and delivered of Legion, he sat there clothed and in his right mind. That word, “clothed” means “a mantle”. There are regional mantles waiting for you right now. Then the demoniac went out to the region of the Decapolis and preached the good news of Jesus Christ. There was a revival! Think of it. One man got healed and delivered of Legion, when his soul got healed. Then he was mantled with power and took an entire region!

Don’t miss my next blog. We are going to activate into using the tools I’ve taught you about getting rid of Legion!

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