Will ever be grateful to God for your teaching…

My husband and I were separated and on the brink of divorce. We had many painful issues unresolved for years. I had begun attending a Bible study in September that was using Katie’s book, “Healing the Wounded Soul”. One night while praying, I heard the Holy Spirit tell me to attend a Love After Marriage Conference and a Katie Souza meeting before filing for divorce. My husband and I soon found the LAM conference and went. Shortly afterward, I looked on the internet and found that Katie Souza was speaking in the next state, (Washington). We encountered so many obstacles that we almost did not make it to either event, but by the grace of God, we went to both.
At the meeting in Seattle, I was asked to come forward to check spines because I was a nurse. This was embarrassing and surprised me as we had come to heal our marriage. As we left the meeting that night, I saw another nurse at the back of the church who had been up front with me. We stopped and asked her to pray for us. The power of God was so present in that meeting, I don’t think we knew what was happening. Two weeks after that meeting, our marriage completely changed! We bought the Legion soaking and Offense CD’s. We are together and praying about soul healing and deliverance every day. God spoke to both of us and we are walking in repentance and grace. We are sharing the great miracle of God by testimony and buying Katie’s books and CD’s for all our friends and people God keeps bringing in our lives! So very thankful that it’s never too late for God to work in our lives. We are 60. I was the 40 year nurse who came forward to pray for spines. Thank you Katie, we love you and will ever be grateful to God for your teaching. – J.S.

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