Widow’s Mite

I have not been paid from my job for my earned commissions for 7 months. The promises and lies have broken my heart. This was a time for me to start over with my life. God has been so faithful that my basic bills and living quarters have been met. Now I am faced with having to move in 3 days with no money to put gas in my car, pay car insurance etc. I listened to Katie’s message on the 1000 fold return a few days ago along with the message on soul wounds. For years I have been asking the Lord to make me whole especially after the death of my husband. After listening to the message and receiving the pray from Katie I sowed the last in my account which was $2.15 believing God for a 1000 fold return. I was kind of embarrassed to even sow so little but it was all I had. Today I looked at my account balance and there was $20.00 in it! I looked to see where the deposit came from and there was no documentation except the balance. Praise God it wasn’t 1000 fold but it was enough to get gas in my car so I could go forward with my move. The Lord assured me that that $20 was just part of the 1000 fold return. Also today the furnace in the house I’m living in has been broken for 2 weeks, I felt led this morning to turn it on and Praise God heat came on!!! It continues… my daughter who lives with me phone was off due to not being able to make a full payment, well her phone is on today. No payment was made but Our Father turned it back on!! I will take the 1000 fold what ever way the Lord gives it. I am in full expectation that by the end of the week before I have to move that I will receive the balance of the 1000 fold return. It was important to me to sow more seed into your ministry but the Lord instructed me to put the $20 in my gas tank. The Holy Spirit reminded me that I had $3.00 left on my Paypal card, so with gratefulness to our Lord Jesus Christ and to Katie Souza Ministries I sow this little amount in confidence for not only the 1000 fold return but much more seed to sow into the gospel. Thank you so much for being obedient to teach the truth. Warmest Regards¬† -K. M.

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