White As Snow

I suffered from a really uncomfortable discharge. I was always using pantyliner’s and when I went to the doctors they always said there is nothing wrong with me. I always listen to Katie and on one particular Friday while watching her through her television show she said she also suffered from this heavy “menstruation” followed by disgusting discharges and I immediately thought this is me. Katie related it to the Word and bitterness, initially I thought to myself this is not possible I don’t have bitterness but what I didn’t realize was that I had her cousin jealousy- and this was causing all my problems,  Katie related her testimony and said after 3 days she was healed and she concluded the program by praying for all women. I listened and received the prayer and immediately during the prayer I felt discomfort in my abdominal region. Come Monday my pantyliner’s were white as snow! NO DISCHARGE NO BLOOD nothing! Glory be to God. I still put on pantyliner’s not because I want to prevent staining but because (when I look at the clean liner) I am reminded of Yahweh’s goodness and mercy. Thank you. -M. M.

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