What the Church is Missing

Hello Katie and Team, I had recently asked for prayer on December 27th on your website. I have been doing your soaks for about two and a half months now. For the past three years I had worked in a horrible elementary school that was highly stressful. I started off without problems, but slowly that stress and wounds caused by parents, students, and administrators began to affect me. I became sick with allergies, leaky gut syndrome,chronic sinus infections, histamine intolerance symptoms, bad headaches, mysterious swelling from my neck to my calves, itching and swelling in my intestines, allergy induced asthma problems like an elephant was on my chest and my back pressing on me. I had the H1N1 Flu (Swine Flu, isn’t that ironic) in March of 2017 that I had caught from a students whose parent sent him back to school a day after he had been sent home by the school nurse. I had a virus in 2018 that had me violently vomiting along with diarrhea that I ended up in the hospital emergency room. I could not lift my own body-weight. My functional health practitioner did not know what to do to fix my issues. My menstrual cycle had went from 3 to no periods. I had allergy testing, paid for allergy shots that made me sicker so I had to stop. I had been a sunny personality most of my life, but as the illness kept going on, I started becoming traumatized by the whole host of issues and the scary realization that doctors could not help me. The problems with histamine and allergies would make me itch to the point of feeling like someone scratched me hard internally and to numbness at times. My digestion was affected. It was frightening. My central nervous system was being affected to the point that I would be depressed or have an over-the-top mania and anxiety, my mind would not shut off at night from voices of chatter so it made sleeping difficult at times. I felt tortured. I had been looking at Katie’s programs on Youtube. I began to do the prayers with her and by faith received her decrees over me. I also took notes, wrote down the Bible verses to learn all I could ( I am still doing this). I have been saved since I was eight years old. At first it did not seem like there were any changes on up until I asked KSM for prayer on December 27th 2018. I would do the soaks, but a team member of KSM asked me if I was casting out the demons. After hearing Katie teach about Legion, I believed that was my attacker. I was not consistently doing that. Since she emailed me (I am eternally grateful for the response personally), there has been a HALLELUJAH change in me (today is January 10th 2019). I have been soaking everyday, and I remember to cast the demon(s) out in the name of Jesus after doing the soaking prayers. I feel like, if they are going to torture me, then I am going to be steadfast and torture them. I have a smart T.V. that I can access Youtube and play your videos all night as I sleep and it is still playing when I wake up. I watch multiple episodes and do the activation prayers. EVERYTHING that I wrote above has changed for the better!!! I do not itch, the elephant and pressure on my chest all the way to my back (asthma like) lifted. I feel lighter. The chatter has stopped in my head, the extreme depression lows are gone! My sinus issues have ceased. I have not been having body reactions after I eat; nor anymore mysterious itching and swelling in my gut/intestines. My digestion has improved. My menstrual cycle has become regular (I am 46). I feel an inner excitement about God and life that I had not had in a long time. It has really elevated my faith to a higher level, and my gratefulness is higher for what God has done for me. Katie has made me see the Bible in a different way. I feel like the Holy Spirit is helping me decode the Bible like never before. I cannot wait to see what God is going to do next for me, through me, and how He will use me. I did the activation from the XP service you did at Shiloh where you told the audience to ask God for a word related to an issue, my issue was about my health. In a small voice, Psalm 112 was given to me with no specific verse. I declared that chapter over me. At the time I did not understand, but I received what the chapter talks about. I am on a mission to help my family get set free by watching Katie’s videos!! I praise the Lord for giving you what the church is missing!!!! I listened to a well-intentioned church member lead a corporate prayer for healing last Sunday, and she did not mention or ask God to heal the soul wounds of the sick that she was praying for. I know why it is because she and the whole church does not know about what Katie has been teaching in relation to healing soul wounds. You are needed for such a time as this!! Thank you Katie! I joined the Facebook 10 day challenge. I left my testimony there under your post for others to see.  I am soooo grateful! Please tell your team thank you again for the tips. Love and Blessings. -R. H.

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    This is a great testimony. It helped give me some practical direction.

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