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We will get back to the lessons on idols, but before we do, I wanted to talk to you about soaking. These blogs will help you not only with getting victory over idols in your life, but with every other problem you might be facing!

People write to me, “Dear Katie, you talk about soaking a lot. What is it and how do you do it?”

Yes, I do talk about soaking a lot, because I do it myself (as much as I possibly can). I’ve found that when I soak in the presence of the Lord through worship, the Word, being still and just meditating on God, my strength is renewed, and I receive breakthrough. The Bible tells us to, “Be still and know that I am God”! Psalm 46:10 (KJV)

Soaking is extended time in the presence of God. If you had a stain in a shirt, and you wanted to get the stain out, you’d put some soap on it and put it in the water. But, you wouldn’t bring it right back out again. You would soak it by letting it stay in that water with the soap on it, so that it could really work into the fabric to lift the stain out. That’s basically what soaking does for us, as we stay in the presence of the Lord for these extended periods of time.

Soaking helps that staining in us to come out – the wrong thinking, the unbalanced emotions, the diseases, and the disorders, the junk that’s in our trunk! Those stains will come out as we stay in the presence, as we soak in the presence.

Look up the word “soak”. It means, “To lie in and become saturated or permeated with water. To pass through pores and holes…”

Now, let’s apply the word “soaking” while spending time with God. If you lie in, stay in, and soak in the presence of the Lord, he’ll start passing through you. The living waters will pass into and through you, permeating and saturating into your mind and healing it. They will soak into your will, changing all the things inside of you that caused you to make bad decisions. Those waters will get into your soul, and soak away the unbalanced emotions that cause you to get all worked up, uptight, or upset.

When you soak in the presence of the Lord, the living water comes in and permeates into your body, healing your bones to the marrow, flowing into your blood vessels, cleansing your blood, and removing disease and disorder. Soaking causes those healing waters to go into your soul to wipe out any wounded, unhealed areas that you received from trauma, sin, or generational iniquities.

If I need a supernatural, miracle healing, I soak in the presence!

When people need a financial breakthrough, they tithe, then command it. They decree it to happen. Those are all good things, but if they would stay in the presence of the Lord, they would receive their financial breakthrough! The Bible says that God will pour into our cup: he’ll supply all our needs, according to his riches in glory (Philippians 4:19), above and beyond all that we could ever ask or imagine (Eph. 3:20). When we stay in the presence, the glory comes, and the riches come with it!

If I have resistance in some way, if I’m going into a meeting and I want healing to break through, or if I have resistance on a business deal or some problem with my ministry, I’ll soak to break the resistance.

I even soak to get other people healed. I will lay in the presence of the Lord, worship, meditate on the Word, pray for somebody who’s sick, and they’ll get healed. They won’t even have to be in the same room. They might be in another country! As I soak and stay in the presence, I meditate on them being healed, meditate on the Word, decree it over them, and they get healed, supernaturally.

As I soak, promises from God come to pass in my life. We’re constantly soaking in all the negative things of the world. All the evil, trauma, and hard situations that are hitting us, continually comes into our being, causing harm, stress, and anxiety. Even our own mouth causes us problems. When we speak evil, complain, mumble and grumble, we’re soaking in junk, and it makes us sick.

Listen to this revealing scripture in Psalms 109:18 (NRSV), “He clothed himself with cursing as his coat. May it soak into his body like water, like oil into his bones.” In this instance, it’s not talking about the living water, or the oil of the Holy Spirit. It’s talking about evil, sickness, and disease soaking into you when you are clothed with cursing, upset all the time, speaking out of your soul, getting angry at people, or gossiping. Those words that come out of your mouth, soak you in evil, disease, and oppression.

So, we need to stay in the presence of the Lord to soak all that stuff out, amen?

Next time, I will talk more about how to soak. And of course, you will want to begin soaking with some of my favorite soakers!

Big Love,

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