What Goes Around

I worked the registration table for the recent Katie Souza conference at BridgeWay Church in Denver, CO along with my wife Carol and two other women. Carol and I have been attending Gateway on Mount Zion Church (GoMZ) on Lookout Mountain above Golden, CO for about a year and a half. A friend of ours named Joseph who has been attending GoMZ for seven years or so had purchased online two tickets for the conference shortly after learning about it. Not long after doing so, however, his wife informed him that she wouldn’t be attending due to a prior commitment. He thus asked me if he could give her ticket to someone else—the first person to claim it. I subsequently asked Janet Freiberg and Stephanie Schureman if the ticket could be transferred. They didn’t know for sure, but didn’t think there would be a problem in doing so.

Carol asked a friend named Kimberly if she would be interested in the ticket and she was, not being able to attend otherwise due to long-term financial difficulties. That Kimberly would end up testifying Friday evening of the conference after experiencing relief from pain relative to hip replacement surgeries. Katie might recall Kimberly wearing a blue and white patterned dress and while walking up to the stage, saying, “Wow”, prompting Katie to ask why she said, “Wow” and Kimberly saying she has a weak left hip that compels her to seek support for that side when going up stairs, but that she didn’t need any support in going up to the stage that night. Katie might also recall Kimberly saying that she took pain meds that typically last about four hours, but that it had already been about six hours since her last pain meds and she wasn’t experiencing any pain. Katie then had her walk down and back up to the stage before giving her a hug. Kimberly also attends GoMZ and yesterday was reportedly jumping during worship–something she hasn’t been able to do in a long time. As for Joseph, he told me during the service that he had been freed from Leviathan (because of the conference). He was so happy. In exchange for his kindness of having given Kimberly the extra ticket, I gave him the 2-CD set on “Communion” I had received for volunteering at the conference. He was so thankful. Yeah, what goes around. Thanks. -D. V.

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