What Are My Motives?

What Are My Motives?
by Jean Mulquin

“Blessed (happy, enviably fortunate, and spiritually prosperous—possessing the happiness produced by the experience of God’s favor and especially conditioned by the revelation of His grace, regardless of their outward conditions) are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!” Matthew 5:8 (AMP)

To be pure in heart (which is part of my soul) I must check my motives every time I open my mouth. I used to have a sign on my desk that read, “What was my motive?” One of our warehousemen pointed to it and said in broken English, “What that mean, Jean?”

I told him I always tried to examine my heart to see if my words were to build up or to tear down, and especially examine if I was building myself up, while tearing someone else down. He instantly got it, nodded, and smiled. I knew he was a Christian and that he worked very hard and sent most of his money to support his extended family in Mexico.

When we began understanding that our souls were wounded, we realized that many times the things that pop out of our mouths are coming directly from an old wound that has not been dealt with and healed.

Recently, I was driving in a construction zone, doing the 35 mph speed limit, in a no passing zone. When suddenly, a car came speeding around me. Out of my mouth came these words, “You idiot!” Immediately, I felt convicted by Holy Spirit. Instead of calling that person a name, I should have prayed for them. Then God brought to my mind not only all the times I have gone into “road rage mode”, but how my family has participated in that activity many times in the past.

So, I did the steps that Katie teaches us. I repented for calling that person a name, asked for Christ’s blood to cover my sin and the sins of my family line when it came to being provoked to anger, then asked for dunamis to come out of my spirit and into my soul, healing the wounds that had been placed there. Then I did the final step of kicking the demonic, that had set up shop in relation to anger issues, off myself.

Now, I find myself less likely to instantly react to small offenses, reacting negatively and having words pop out of my mouth that cause me to sin.

David prayed that God would create in him a clean heart and renew a right spirit within him. I also pray that God would heal me in my soul (heart) and help me to be renewed, so that my spirit would shine through instead of my flesh!

Do you take time to examine your motives for the things you do and say?

Have you taken steps to watch the words that come spilling out of your mouth and then followed up with the steps to healing that Katie teaches?

If this is new to you, write down what happens when you begin to really pay attention to the words you speak and the motivation behind them.

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  • Mary B

    Impeccable the timing of God working through His faithful. I have been struggling with this deep reality for a number of weeks now (not so much the motives part but how I am treating others) . I do check myself and apparently not always and in all ways and so I too am subject to needing illumination of the insidiousness of it all. I love and it is lacking in ways. I am being humbled now by God in His revealing to me how horribly I behave at times. Oh and we all have knee jerk reactions to our less than acceptable reactions to things and people, and pets. I just lost a scrappy rescue after he loved me better than any people ever have, it is where God began to show me how I can do much better at loving others. Imagine a rescued cat showing up a born again baptized believer who loves God and sharing His Son’s Heart with the lost so they may come live with us in eternity. He Loved me well.
    There is so much we can miss and dismiss regards to our own behavior and Now Is The Time to iron out those wrinkles, Jesus will be coming real soon, and I do not want Him to find me in another thing that does not look like Him.

  • Marcie H