What a Difference

Past month, I noticed my anger issue had not only increased, but the intervals grew narrower to the point where I got offended and angry every day. It got so bad that I started lashing out at people for no reason, and I could feel that it was grieving the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit put a burden in my heart to download Serpent and Your Soul along with the Fire Soak album, and I did so last week. What a difference an anointed teaching makes! My addiction to rage disappeared just like that. Hallelujah! The things that would usually trigger me to lose my temper did not affect me at all, like water off a duck’s back. That sensation of something twisting (writhing) in the pit of my stomach every time I got offended and angry is gone as if it has never existed. I am so grateful to God for leading me to be blessed through your ministry. Thank you. -E. K.

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