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“And he shall cause the woman to drink the bitter water that causeth the curse: and the water that causeth the curse shall enter into her, and become bitter.  And this water that causeth the curse shall go into thy bowels, to make thy belly to swell, and thy thigh to rot: And the woman shall say, Amen, amen.” Numbers 5:24, 22


Dear Friend,

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution this year?

Studies show that about 40 percent of Americans make resolutions, earnestly planning to lose weight, eat a healthy diet, work out, become better organized, get out of a bad relationship…the list goes on and on.  However, only about eight percent of the people who make these resolutions actually KEEP them.  That is a 92 PERCENT FAILURE rate. Ouch!!

Amazingly, I have discovered that there is a reason we find it so difficult to solve our problems through our own will power. Let me show you…

Does it ever seem like the entire world is scheming to make you crazy? For example, your spouse is being unreasonable—again—or you just learned a close friend has deceived you. Maybe you have worked your tail off at your job, and someone else got credit for it. Perhaps your teenage daughter is in full-on rebellion, or the mechanic you trusted your car with has ripped you off, or your little ones are inventing new ways to destroy your home.

Maybe it’s simply a series of little things that just keep adding up. What about those times when every driver seems to be purposely rude, dangerous, and just outright stupid—except you, of course—or the person in front of you at the grocery store waits until the clerk checks $500 in groceries before she even BEGINS digging through her massive handbag in search of her checkbook? See, it can all feel like a conspiracy to drive you nuts!

Well, believe it or not, the opportunities to become bitter that we face every day can also make us gain weight. The above Scripture in Numbers 5 says when the woman drank the bitter water, her belly would swell! I bet you didn’t know that getting offended and bitter can literally make you gain weight or become addicted to things that could destroy your life. Unfortunately, it’s true.

I noticed I gained weight every time I traveled. If I left home weighing 133 pounds, I would come back weighing up to 140. This seemed impossible to me because I was gone for only four days and spent much of that time fasting. Yet, mysteriously, I consistently came home heavier than when I left.

This is when my first experience with supernatural weight loss happened.

Disgusted with this strange occurrence, I sat on my couch for more than three hours one night, with my hands on my stomach, commanding my soul to be healed and the fat to disappear. Suddenly, after hours of contending, I felt my stomach drop down under my hands. I was delighted to discover I had instantly lost six pounds!

Still not sure why it happened that way, I went on another trip the following weekend, only to have the weight reappear! When I returned, I laid down in my bed and prayed and prayed until I fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, the extra weight was gone. Baffled, I set out the next weekend, determined to find out why this was happening. That’s when I saw a pattern.

I finally realized I had let myself fall into a repetition of sin that was connected to my travels. I was getting bitter about everything. I got angry with TSA when airport security was too slow. The flight attendants annoyed me. I found myself offended at hotel clerks when they couldn’t get my room ready on time…and the list went on and on.

That’s when I made the supernatural connection in my heart.  As the days of each trip accumulated and my bitterness expanded, so did my waistline!  Suddenly, God brought to my mind Numbers 5 and the woman who drank the bitter water. If she had sinned, when she drank that evil concoction, the curse of the bitter water came upon her and caused her belly and her thigh to SWELL!

As soon as Holy Spirit spoke that truth, I knew what I needed to do. I spent that entire flight home repenting for being offended and bitter. I went through the list of people and circumstances that had made me angry and asked God for forgiveness. By the time I reached home, I knew I was ready for a miracle!

I quickly unpacked my bags and stepped on the scale to check my weight. The scale said that I was 139 pounds. Then, in faith I laid on my bed, put my hands on my stomach, and commanded my soul to be healed and for the fat to dissolve. To my amazement, my stomach dropped under my hands after only 60 seconds of prayer. Excited, I jumped up and weighed myself again. I was now back at 133 pounds! I had lost six pounds in less than a minute!

I have shared this revelation many times and each time, people experience instant and progressive weight loss, as well as victory over food addictions and food-related diseases! (Did you know that more people die of obesity-related diseases, such as high blood pressure and heart disease, than from cancer?)

So many people are living under the condemnation of food and other addictions and the issues that arise from them. Think of the hundreds of millions of dollars people have spent trying to lose weight on diet plans, pills, and exercise gadgets with no real results. I believe it is because the “battle of the bulge” can only be truly won by applying supernatural remedies.

Addictions are cravings caused by soul wounds. When you are hurt or offended, your soul is wounded and crying for attention, and your flesh responds by demanding you feed it. You compensate for your pain by eating, drinking, smoking, taking drugs, hurting others, acting out in rage, or pursuing bad relationships.

The problem is that no matter how much you try, you can never feed the wound enough to truly heal it. There are literally millions of examples of people who have tried and failed—and you, my friend, are no exception.

The good news is that there is redemption. You just have to know how to reach it. And how to accomplish that is covered in my teaching, Soul Food.

Are you ready to be free? Are you ready to join the ranks of those who have victory in this area of their lives? I am making Soul Food – Real Keys to Supernatural Weight Loss and my “small but mighty” book, Soul Decrees, available for a gift of only $50.00 or more. This three-hour session contains powerful keys to supernatural weight loss and deliverance from food and other addictions. I have met people from all around the world who have experienced major victory through this series, and Soul Decrees is a must-have resource for your library. We have received hundreds of testimonies from people who used the decrees to get their personal miracles. It also benefited thousands of inmates, who are now practicing soul healing in facilities all over the world!

Read this testimony from Jean D. who I ministered to in Arnold, MO.  She wrote: “Well the conference is over and on Sunday I got up and I instantly noticed something, my mind was quiet. For the first time ever in my life. I am so set free I feel like getting out of the house and going places! I do not want to sleep all the time anymore because the pain and the chatter in my mind is gone. I read your book Soul Decrees and the Lord spoke to me through that tool. I really believe I have a destiny and I am actually nice to people now. My husband said, ‘Wow you really did get healed!’”

Simply making resolutions does not work.  I want to send you Soul Food and Soul Decrees as our expression of gratitude for your gift of $50.00 or more.

In this 3-CD series and book:
• You will learn Biblical keys that will stop your out-of-control appetite, increase your metabolism, and destroy fat cells.
• You will discover the supernatural abilities you already have to get delivered of food addictions and the diseases and problems associated with weight issues.
• You will learn the most effective supernatural keys to break generational curses that have caused your weight issues and negative circumstances.
• You will learn how to apply the blood of Jesus and His Dunamis resurrection power to the wounds on your soul that have caused you to overeat.
• You will learn powerful scriptural decrees that will dramatically change your health, weight, relationships, finances and overcome trauma and offenses.
• You will learn how your offerings can be used as a powerful weapon to take back everything the enemy has stolen.
• You will learn how to enter into powerful praise and worship that will continuously usher in God’s glory and presence that will bring victories every day.
• You will learn that grace is a literal power that can heal the wounded areas inside of you that are sabotaging every part of your existence.
• You will learn how faith releases grace that produces great signs and wonders.

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I appreciate you so much as a friend and a partner with us in this work. You provide the resources so that we can go in person and teach, so that we can send resources and materials into prisons, and so that we can broadcast the truth online and in media. We could not touch so many lives without your faithful support. So please continue to be led by Holy Spirit as you give your very best gift today!

Thank you in advance for your generous response to help us heal people around the world! We couldn’t do this great mission without you!

Big love! Katie Souza

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The Bible says we will prosper in our health even as our soul prospers. Believe it or not, this includes your physical weight! Food, after all, is just another type of addiction for many of us. Right now, you could be carrying around pounds that came as a result of unhealed areas in your soul! When your soul becomes wounded from daily dramas and traumas and also through sins like bitterness and offense, it can cause your belly and your thigh to swell.

What is happening in your soul directly affects and controls your food intake and, therefore, your physical weight! The word appetite in the Bible not only means the seat of the appetite, but it also means the soul—meaning that unhealed areas in your inner man can drive you to overeat, causing weight gain. Think about it. Do you remember the last time you felt alone, depressed, or anxious? How did you respond to that soul pain you were experiencing? Did you reach for a cookie or a bag of chips? When we have unhealed areas in our inner man, we mistakenly comfort ourselves with a substance of choice! Our souls are hungry to feel love, joy, peace, and happiness, but when we don’t get those needs met, we tend to self-medicate with food, drugs, alcohol, or relationships. You get the point.

The question is how do you heal the wounds inside your soul so you can have control over your food and live healthy? The answer, of course, lies in Jesus and everything He already accomplished for you through the Cross and the Resurrection! If you are looking for healing in connection to food addictions, weight issues, and food-related diseases, you must first start with the Blood of Jesus…

Spend time every day worshiping the Lord, and while you do, focus on the power of His Cross!

Repent for any time you allowed yourself to get bitter and offended. Ask God to forgive you for any sins you committed that were connected to food, like overeating, eating too fast, or eating junk food. Ask the Lord to forgive you of all the times you ate only because you were depressed or lonely.

Also, if weight issues run in your family, ask the Lord to wash away any sins your ancestors might have committed that were connected with food.

As you continue to meditate on the power of the Cross, the Blood of Jesus will wash away every sin connected to your food problems!

After you have done this, you must apply a power called Dunamis to your inner man so you can be totally healed of every wound controlling your eating. Let me show you how this works. When you were born again, your spirit man was resurrected from its dead state to eternal life in Christ. According to Romans 1:16, the power that caused this to happen was called dunamis, “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power (dunamis) of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth…”

Dunamis is the power that God used to cause your spirit to be regenerated, but that was just the beginning! One of the meanings of the word dunamis in Greek is “excellence of soul!” So, the very same power that caused you to be born again can heal every wounded area in your inner man!

If you are born again in Christ, you have a tank full of dunamis living inside your spirit man RIGHT NOW! This means that you already have all the power you need to get healed of every wound that might be driving your food issues.

I want to encourage you to spend time every day meditating on this truth. Let your faith rise up, based on the fact that your Spirit is full of soul-healing dunamis power! Then, just command it to flow out of your spirit man, into your soul, to every unhealed area connected to food addictions, lusts, weight gain, and physical diseases.

Do this every day until you get the breakthrough in both your soul and your body! Don’t forget, this revelation is all about Jesus Christ and what He has already accomplished for you through the Cross and the Resurrection. You can’t earn it. You can only receive it by accepting God’s abundant grace.

Shine Brightly! Katie



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  • Katherine Babcock

    This was really good. Thank you.

  • Monica

    Hi Katie –
    Would the same thing work for Supernatural weight GAIN? I’m not interested in weight loss – need to GAIN some weight. How to do that? Can you help?

    • Katie Souza

      Hi Monica yes the same spirit that causes us to overeat and gain weight is the same that can cause us to have no appetite and to loss weight! Checkout Soul Food and my Live Free teachings. Blessings

    • Katie Souza Team

      Absolutely. The same drive in your appetite or lack thereof is impacted by a soul wound. The same principle applied!

  • Marisol

    Great post. I can relate to this completely. I have gained 30 lbs since I moved back to South Florida 3 years ago. This place has not been good for me. It is my hometown and maybe that has a lot to do with it as well. I do agree that offense has a lot to do with a wounded soul, I was just healed from a wound that a Pastor’s wife put on me because she judged me and my book and has been trying to steal my testimony for Jesus for the past year by speaking ill of me behind my back to people in the church so they would not receive me or my testimony. I also had a dream that she speaks to Satan at night when her husband is asleep. She is Jezebel in the flesh man I am telling you. No Joke! Took me a year to figure this all out. But any ways. I am glad for this post and Katie your teachings are awesome! lots of love,

  • Steffany

    I am going to do my best to apply this as much as my limited knowledge allows. I cannot afford the book. I have been on a very healthy weight loss diet for 2 years and have exercised very well. I should be very thin and fit. I am fit but the weight hasn’t even budged. I have hypothyroid which I need to be healed of but still it is not impossible to lose weight with that. Please pray for me. I need the help. Thank you!

  • Fikile Magagula

    I have learnt that nothing can not be healed by Jesus. We need to be obidient to Christ teachings so that our souls are not wounded

  • Joanne Chelette

    I have a problem going on Facebook because of a past bad experiences where the enemy did some things through people I knew and caused problems. So the very place where you do a lot of your one on one teaching I can’t even go to because of a hindrance or a hinderance. I saw recently where the owner has changed the page where it has more privacy. I think that’s a very good thing that God did but I still don’t trust the FB system. But I watch you on TV & utube where it is more private & enemy can’t spy as much. Pray for me plz!

  • Jessica

    Hi can this apply also to a breastfeeding mother who is struggling with weight loss. Recently I started getting angry with my three year old who does not want to stop breastfeeding and started to complain a lot about him not wanting to wean the frustration of him not weaning and my complaining about him and my other two kids makes me want to eat. Please help I want to be healthy again so I can be a better mum instead of being tired all the time.Please help!!!!!!

    • Team Katie

      Bitterness is Bitterness no matter the source. Praying for you, Jessica!