We will stand on the Word of the Lord!!

Glory be to God!!!! Hallelujah!!!!
Grateful and Thanksgiving for we serve an amazing Heavenly Father that answers prayers.

The devil try to put a hold on our mama Luisa, but we receive VICTORY!!!
Today June 17, 2020 we had an appointment with the Physician to discuss treatment for the Tuberculosis, and the assistance was going over the consent on the different pills that mama Luisa was going to take along with the side effects that each pill carried, we were not receiving any of it.
After that discussion, the Physician walk in and told us that the results look like Tuberculosis but it could be another type of germ, but for the meantime mama Luisa needs to be isolated and wait until August 9, 2020 for the confirmation of the results. Our VICTORY has come to pass because we received it, that it’s not Tuberculosis. So we are coming in agreement again, according to Mathew 18:19 but this time we are not wanting to wait unit August 9, 2020 for result, we are asking our ABBA Father for a SUDDENLY results, NOW and for the Physician to release mama Luisa from isolated. We had plans to go visit my Son and Daughter in law, in Savannah, Georgia to partake of our first granddaughter that is on her way, due date: June 28, 2020. We had plans and we reserved an RV to take off on June 20 – June 28 to support and celebrate the new birth of my granddaughter and to be a support for Our Son and Daughter In law.
I truly stand firm on scripture Genesis 50:20 As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good.
In our hearts we have the VICTORY won. I truly believe in my heart we will receive out request according to Mark 11:23.
We will have whatever he says. In Jesus mighty name, Amen

Please continue to pray for us all,
God Bless you all for standing in agreement with us as a family,
Benito, Mama Luisa, Selene and Vanessa


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