Lesson 17

Kings, in bible times, were anointed with oil. Anointing is a supernatural empowerment, a declaration of an office in the kingdom. Dunamis is an anointing. Acts 10:38 says, “And God anointed Jesus Christ of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and power,” dunamis, “and he went around doing good, healing all who were pressed of the devil.” Dunamis is an anointing. In James chapter 5 it says, “If anyone is sick, he should call the elders. They should pray over him, anointing him with oil in the Lord’s name and the prayer of faith will make the sick one well.”

Go to the spiritually mature and they will pour out the anointing of dunamis that’s inside them. It’s the oil of anointing coming out of the believer, combined with the prayer of faith, that makes the person well.

When you confess your offenses to one another you will be healed of diseases. The word “disease” incorporates many things, such as bacteria, illness, ailments, viruses and more. I’ve noticed people who get flu or bacterial diseases or disorders or infections or viruses are people that are wounded in their souls. They often have offense in them. I see a lot of people with those disorders.

A few years ago, I experienced this myself. My husband and I had just started the ministry and we needed some printing.  Several businesses submitted bids for the job. All of them were more than we could manage, so we had to put the deal aside. Then, about a year later, we got our first level of exposure in media and our ministry exploded to a new level.

One day, Robert got an angry, anonymous email from someone. You could tell the writer was very upset and very wounded. In his message, he called us horrible people, horrible Christians and, in fact doubted, emphatically, whether we were Christians at all! It actually got a lot worse, but I’ll spare you those details.

So, here’s a warning. Never send my husband an anonymous email. In approximately no time, he said, “Oh, Honey, it’s one of those guys that put in a print bid from a year ago.”

Thinking the man believed he had been passed over for the work, I asked Robert to reply and explain we never went through with the printing. I told him to be humble and explain the situation, ask for forgiveness and see if there is anything we can do for the guy.

And so my husband does what I asked, but he doesn’t tell the guy he knows who he is because he doesn’t want to embarrass him. He writes, “We got your email. We’re so sorry if we’ve offended you in any way. If we’ve sinned against you, we really want to know about it. Would you please tell us what we’ve done because we want to repent to you and we wish you all the best. Please respond to my email.

So the guy does respond. His reply says, “No, you’re not sorry. You don’t want to do anything. You guys don’t want my forgiveness.” The message went on and it was clear this man was very, very angry.

So, Robert replied to him, “We are sorry. If you would just let us know what we did to harm you, we would like to repent to you. Just please let us know, share your heart with us.”

You’ve got mail! Actually, we have another angry message. “You don’t mean a word you’re saying. You’re a bunch of false Christians.” He went on and on. So now, we have the makings of a real email war. And my husband was hooked like a fish. He couldn’t stop emailing this guy. With each response I could hear him pounding his keyboard a little harder. He became increasingly bothered until finally he was full-blown offended.

He came out of his office ranting about this guy. “That guy emailed me again. I can’t believe him. I wrote all these nice emails to him. I didn’t even tell him I knew who he was. I begged him to receive our apology and to share his heart and all’s he’s doing is just disparaging and spewing. That guy is horrible.”

“Honey,” I say, “Be careful. He’s offended but we can’t let ourselves become offended too. So watch out.”

As he heads back to his cyber battleground, I hear, “Whatever.”

For a month, yes, a month, these two go at each other. Every day Robert ranted and raved about the guy. He came out of his office, shaking his head, as if he was surprised. “I can’t believe it. I got another email from that guy. He’s not a real Christian. A real Christian would never act that way. This is just too much!!”

Now, as I listen, I feel myself beginning to get worked up. “You need to stop getting offended because now I’m getting offended because you’re offended.” On it went. They experienced little skirmishes, huge battles, points versus counterpoints! The testosterone was unbelievable! Day after day the conflict raged on!!

So then one weekend, we were home. I wasn’t out of town, for a change. It was Saturday and we could sleep in. Suddenly, I felt Robert sit upright in bed. “That guy! I dreamed about that guy all night.” He got up and stomped off.

Suddenly, he stopped. “All of a sudden I feel really sick like I’m getting the flu or something.”

Immediately, I got mad. I felt offense rise up in me and I looked at him, “You are getting sick because you let yourself get offended.” And, honestly, as soon as I said it, I felt sick too! Instantly, my muscles ached. I started sweating. I had fever and my glands swelled up. I felt that queasy, gross feeling and I knew we had the flu. Now, that made me really mad!

I did not hold back. “And now I’m sick because I got offended that you were offended.”

But, we knew what to do. We started with the blood and we prayed, “Lord, we repent for being offended at that guy, and for playing into it and for writing the emails to him. We repent for thinking offended thoughts about him and for being judgmental and critical and bothered. We repent for that. We forgive that guy for being offended. Lord, we ask that you forgive his sin offense so that he doesn’t get sick. God, I repent for getting offended at my husband because he was offended. I repent for that and I forgive my husband for being offended.”

Then we went to the next step. “Now, God, now we apply dunamis power. We know dunamis comes from the Resurrection, that it makes us excellent of soul. It’s the oil of the anointing that’s poured out of people when they pray for the sick. And it will heal us of all the wounds that came from the sins of offense.”

Immediately, I felt better. I checked my body and the fever was gone, the swelling in my throat had completely disappeared. I had no pain in my muscles. The flu is absolutely gone. I’d been delivered in 45 minutes of just praying for my soul.

Now, I wondered how Robert was doing, so I headed into the living room but he wasn’t there, so I took a seat on the couch. Moments later he walked in. “Well, I’m healed,” he said.

Just like that.

Big Love,  Katie


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  • Mrs. Elsy Matthew

    Katie Souza, I am thankful for sharing this experience. It teaches me how to deal with offence. I discovered you 1 year earlier. You offer knowledge that brings down to our life the healing in the blood of Christ, the secrets, the techniques of its application.

  • Kathy Pleyte

    God is awesome! Thank you Jesus! And thank you for the dunamis power that healed you both!

  • Barbara Stewart

    Thank you Katie and Robert for releasing Dunamis power as I learned about this in 2007. I allowed my coworker to offend me to no end and I literally got depressed and missed work. When I came to my senses I said the devil is a liar!!! In my healing sessions and a friend told me I had an open wound and got hooked line and sinker!!! I repented, forgave my coworker for trying to get me fired!!! Thank God for the Blood of Jesus and being mature enough and humbled myself to admit my wrong to my leaders!!! Thank you soo much on healing of and in the Soul. Be tremendously blessed. To God be All the Glory.

  • Velinda RutherfordI

    I was angry and offended at myself! I had repented for wrong doing …told God I was sorry but just couldn’t get past it.God spoke to me in my spirit. “He said ..forgive YOURSELF! How many of us don’t. When Finally did..the glory light of Jesus went into my soul and healed that dark place.I heard the demonic spirit say.. Why did you do that..I wanted her that way. Well too bad Jesus sent his word and his light and healed us out of all destruction…Amen. Love your ministry.

  • Jean Stoner

    Thank you for that teaching. I have difficulty at times with that same offense. I asked the a Lord to help me walk in love. I need to get scriptures on that and study them.

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