Warning Dreams

Warning Dreams
By Jean Mulquin

“After the scholars were gone, God’s angel showed up again in Joseph’s dream and commanded, ‘Get up. Take the child and his mother and flee to Egypt. Stay until further notice. Herod is on the hunt for this child, and wants to kill him.'” Matthew 2:13 (MSG)

Katie teaches that we need to take our dreams seriously. She says that not unpacking a dream is like leaving $100.00 bills on the counter. So, I take my dreams seriously. There are different kinds of dreams; dreams about our own soul, dreams about other people’s souls, prophetic dreams, and warning dreams.

On July 13, 2007, I wrote in my journal – “I had a dream that mom died and I didn’t even know she was sick!….I need to call mom and dad more often.”

I took heed to this warning dream, and I began to call both my parents more often and I visited mom as much as I could. Dad lived in Washington State and we have always had a long- distance relationship. He was not in my life until I was 14 years old.

So, seven short years later, just after July 4, 2014, my sister, Thelma, took my mom to Colorado for a two-week vacation they had been planning for a year. Mom had been treated for a recurring lung infection for a couple of months. She had two lumps appear on her stomach, but the doctor said they were caused by her pants chafing and gave her the go ahead to leave the state.

On the trip, Mom kept getting weaker and weaker, and my sister became more and more concerned. She called me from Cañon City, CO and I told her, “Take her to the emergency room, even if she does not want to go!”

The doctor ran some tests, looked sadly at my sister and said, “How long before you can have her home?”

Once home, we had one of the lumps on her side biopsied and were told that she had stage four, malignant carcinoma that had metastasized to her lungs. We were all floored! Where was the doctor during stages one, two, and three?

Mom opted for no treatment. She told us that she had picked out her headstone while she was in Colorado and had said her goodbyes.

My sister brought her to our home and we set her up like “Queen for a Day” in the living room, right in front of our big screen TV. Hospice brought us an adjustable bed, oxygen, and medication to keep her comfortable. It was not an ideal situation (she suffered from lack of privacy), but we knew she would not be happy back in our small extra bedroom either.

Our sweet aunt from Missouri had flown in to help care for her, and my granddaughter (who thought she wanted to be a nurse) came to help. My sister, Thelma, was with her practically night and day. Our aunt and uncle came down from Colorado. We didn’t have any women at the Transformation House at that time, so Katie let my family stay there. My other sisters and their families were here as much as possible.

On Friday, August 22nd family began arriving. My brother and his family, my three sisters and their kids, my other son, Chris and his family…we had a full house. She stayed up till the last one came in, so she could hug and kiss them goodbye. She was still worrying about their needs…she said, “Are you hungry, there is food in the fridge…. make that kid a sandwich!”

My son and two of my sisters were on duty that night. At about 3:00 a.m. something inside of her went horribly wrong. She came up out of bed and it was all they could do to get her calmed back down. The hospice nurse said, “Once you get her to sleep, don’t let her wake back up!” So, that is what we did.

At noon, we all gathered around her bed and asked Jesus to come and take her home, and by 2:00 p.m. on August 23rd, she was gone. We all cried, prayed, rejoiced, and then cried some more. My sisters were amazing. They called hospice to let them know she was gone, cleaned her up, and it was no time at all before she was whisked away. The men moved the bed and readjusted the furniture and we spent the rest of the day celebrating that amazing woman and planning what we would do for her memorial service.

God’s hand was on every part of that final month of mom’s life, and I praise Him for his goodness to me and to my family, and I praise him for that warning dream.

Are you monitoring your dreams?

Are you writing them down?

Do you know how to “unpack them”?

God, who created everything, is speaking to you while you sleep and your mind is finally quiet, what are you doing with that valuable information and revelation? Share with us ways that you use to unpack what God is saying to you below!

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  • sandra farley

    yes katie I write my dreams down, the other night I dreamed my sister both h er hands were cut off, it was terrible dream, I called both sisters (actually texted) they dont pick up their phone

    • David

      that is a dream from the enemy you need to pray I cancel every dream my sister has had during her whole life that is not from God in Jesus name.then pray my sister will live and not die and every covenant with death and hell my sister made will not stand in Jesus name.God gave you that warning dream so you would pray for your sister to stop what the enemy has planned for her.

    • Team Katie

      Hello, All…
      Sandra’s comment has created quite a stirring to share interpretations of her dream! We would like to encourage you to check out Katie’s FaceBook Dream Interpretation Group: Interpreting Soul Dreams to get Your Soul Healed Facebook Page
      This would be the ideal venue for sharing dreams and dream interpretations! We appreciate your hearts to uplift Sandra!

  • Marisol

    Wow last night I had one of the most amazing vision or dreams EVER! in this dream my mind was going into my memory bank in my brain and pulling up everything that it had in there, everything I had seen and I was just watching it as a TV screen it was sooooo cool. That was pretty much the entirety of the dream, but it was rather cool and so detailed. I watched in awe as my memory bank of all that I had seen was just whipping by me…

  • leon G Spangler

    What a great testimony of your families unity I just long to have had that when my father died he loved the Lord but hated me his last words at 10:00 pm were what ever happens tonight don’t call Leon that’s been 18 years and the Lord has given me great comport but Katie it hurt so much for years

    • Team Katie

      Leon, we are so sorry for the pain you have carried all these years. Praise God for the revelation that He gave Katie regarding getting our wounds healed and that you have the tools available now to be relieved of that pain!! Praying for you!

  • Michael

    While yes this was heartbreaking to say the least and thank God she had family all around her. What I don’t understand is why not instead was healing Scriptures prayed over her and anoint her with holy oil? Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean that in a judgemental way, anyone reading this can feel the kind, close, loving family so please don’t take that the wrong way I would never be cruel like that especially after losing my own mom, I get it that nobody lives on earth forever and I share your pain. It was horrible when I lost my mom, she was 55. I only ask that question because someone close to me got that deadly news from the doctor of terminal cancer but she wouldn’t give up and to the glory of God through Jesus Christ after weeks of prayer and healing Scriptures the cancer was completely gone. Now I also realize when it’s our time to go we are going to go but sometimes the enemy tries to move in to do everything he can to cut our lives short and we have to be on guard. I do think it’s wonderful that the family was all around so that you’re loved one had a peaceful transition from earth to glory of being with Christ the King, you sound like a very loving and kind family. My heart goes out to you for your loss, may God comfort, bless, guide, lead, and protect you in Jesus Name. Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. God bless you.

  • Alex johnson

    I needed to read this today! I had a dream that I was crying in and I woke up crying too. Not 100% sure why but I know He will tell me. Thank you!!!

  • Michael

    Pastor Katie I owe you an apology you see when I was just sitting in my chair with a TV program the Holy Spirit just opened my eyes and let me know I missed the mark again! You see as I mentioned before I too lost my mom when she was 55 but what I didn’t mention is that she was trying to tell both me and my dad a warning that her time was coming soon and I after reading the touching story you posted God let me know that I did it again, I missed it but now I get it. Sometimes God gives us a warning and sometimes He even gives us the privilege to let us know when our time or a loved ones time is coming up on this earth. I missed the entire point of your post but you can be confident that the Lord opened my eyes so please accept my apology for not seeing that and again I share in your pain. My mom was the best friend I had in this world and I know how your feel at the same time as believers as hard as it is for both of us we have to hold on to faith as a shield and know that we will see our loved ones again as they both knew Christ and they are now in everlasting life where there is no more sadness, sickness, or disease. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you.

  • Janis Miller


    Sorry for your hurt.


  • David

    I learned that any time you have any dream about you dying or any one you know dying its a warning dream that God is showing you so you can pray so that person does not die.since when I had a dream about my mother dying I canceled that dream in Jesus name and prayed against the spirit of death so the very next day when the enemy tryed to kill my mother in a car wreck it did not work praise the lord for teaching me a few things about dreams.