Lesson 3

Our soul is NOT made perfect when we experience salvation. The bible teaches that sin, trauma, and generational iniquities “wound our soul”. Isaiah 30:26 (AMPC) says, “…the Lord binds up the hurt of His people, and heals their wound [inflicted by Him because of their sins].” Sin (especially chronic sin), someone sinning against us (they talk about hurt, reject or abuse us), can ‘wound the soul.’ Trauma can also leave a wound in your inner man.

Do you think Job went through some trauma? All his servants were killed, his flocks and his herds were taken by raiders and then his children were killed when a whirlwind knocked down the whole house! Then in chapter 2, Job is smitten from head to toe with painful boils. Trauma left wounds in Job’s soul.

Twenty-three times, he talks about the pain in his soul caused from the traumas he lived through. He says, “My soul is mourning, my soul is vexed, my soul is bitter, my soul is being poured out.” All this was in connection to the trauma he went through. Think about it. Can you feel the pain in your soul, if you think about a trauma you went through? Trauma, both generational and your own sin, plus sin done against you wound your soul.
Sins are carried from generation to generation in the soul realm. The word womb means “the soul” (Strong’s G2836) because when you’re being shaped and fashioned in the womb, you’re receiving into your own soul, all the junk that was in your parent’s souls. It’s our soul that allows Satan to have something in us that’s in common with him, and then that gives him power over us. (John 14:30)

Legion understood that truth. Mark 5:7 (AMPC) tells us that when Legion saw Jesus from a distance, he ran, fell on his knees before Him, and asked “…What have You to do with me, Jesus, Son of the Most High God? [What is there in common between us?]” Legion is giving us the secret to having power over demons; don’t have anything in common. Jesus was a man. He came to Earth as a man. He temporarily gave up his divinity to come here as wholly man, but a man without sin, so he could become the atoning sacrifice for us. He had no sin, which means He has no wounds in his soul. Legion recognized this fact, “Wow, this guy is different from every other man. He doesn’t have anything in him that I could use to attack him. So, what is there in common between us? Jesus, I solemnly implore you, do not torment me.”

Legion means 6,000 strong. He was the most powerful demon in the New Testament, and he was begging Jesus not to torment him. He knew that Jesus had nothing in common with him, so he couldn’t torment Jesus.

Don’t you want Legion to beg you not to torment him? You will! When I first went against Legion, I thought, “This is the scariest, biggest demon on the planet.” He would whoop on me every time … until, layer by layer, I got everything in my soul that was in common with him, healed. Now, he’s like a little cockroach under my foot.

What does Legion do to us? After Jesus delivered the demoniac, he sat there clothed and in his right mind. Legion attacks the mind and controls you through the thoughts in your mind. I’ve seen many people healed of bipolar disease, depression, anxiety, fear, and all kinds of mental disorders when Legion was removed from their soul. He also controls your actions; look at what he was doing to the demoniac at the tombs. That man was beating, bruising, cutting himself, screaming night and day, and breaking shackles. No one was able to restrain him. Legion was driving and controlling him. When Legion is gone, you will see mental disorders and negative control disappear.

Legion is a chatterbox. He puts noise in your mind, so you can’t hear God. He talked more than any other spirit in the New Testament. “Oh Jesus, what is there in common? Oh Jesus, do not torment me. Oh Jesus, don’t send us out of the region. Oh Jesus, send us into the pigs.” Talk. Talk. Chatter. Chatter.

Do you have a noisy mind? Legion wants to conform you into his image, preventing you from being conformed into the image of Christ. Many times, he talks to you in the first person; “I am so ugly. I am useless. I don’t have any spiritual gifts. I don’t have any power. No one loves me. I’m overweight. I’m getting old.”

Sometimes He will pretend that his voice is God’s voice, so you will believe his lies. You become what you believe. That’s why you must recognize how God would speak to you. “I am precious – a beloved child of God. I am the righteousness of God in Christ. I am the head and not the tail. I am above and not below.” You must not believe the chatter that Legion is placing in your mind!

Legion also tries to block revelation that will change your life. (Remember, I had to put him under torment in order to get him to shut up so I could figure out it was him.) That one word will heal any disease, end poverty, put your family back together, or save your marriage. One word from God will change your life, and the lives of the people around you. Legion wants to make sure you never get that word!

In my next blog, I will share some of the amazing miracles that have happened to people when Legion is given the boot!

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