Walking Victoriously

Lesson 9

We’ve been talking about trauma, how it wounds our soul, and how God has given us what we need to get our souls healed through Jesus! I just spent the last few weeks telling you about a horrible accident I had while on the road. I shouldn’t have been healed as quickly as I was, but we all know God is able!

We are all in process. We are all getting our healing. What wounds me now, is often not nearly as traumatic as some of the stuff I’ve already lived through, but when you hit another car head on, trust me, it’s traumatic! I now know how to deal with the trauma. But what about the past trauma that I haven’t thought about in years, or things I’ve blocked out? Some of us have trauma from childhood that we don’t remember, but God knows it is there, and it needs to be healed.

I am going to walk you through what I call an activation. Soul healing is taking the tools we have been given, and using them to accomplish a specific task. I don’t always know what has wounded my soul, so I depend on God to show me, and to heal me regardless of my understanding of the wound. If I do know I have a soul wound, (usually because my reaction to something is really skewed), then I can focus on that specifically for healing.

I will give you an example. This is a long story, and I may tell it all at a later time, but for now I will be brief. A few years ago God brought to my mind a time when I was on the streets, and I had an encounter with some pretty bad dudes who tried to kill me. They almost succeeded too. I was messed up, and should have gone to the hospital, but because of the situation, I didn’t. I lived through it, but it was very traumatic. That stayed with me. The sin associated with the crash on my bike, the attempted murder, and the life I was living had been dealt with. I put that under the blood, and Jesus paid the price for it on the cross, but I was still experiencing pain in my life from that one specific incident. It had wounded my soul. When God brought it to my mind, I knew it wasn’t by accident, or a random thought. I began to focus on that for healing. I wasn’t reliving the trauma, I was focusing on Jesus, and intentionally getting my soul healed.

We’re going to pray, and I want to start by asking Holy Spirit to come and do what Holy Spirit does. Holy Spirit remind us of any sin that we might have that involved trauma. Get quiet and listen for a minute. When I got healed of my motorcycle accident, it was because Holy Spirit brought it to my mind first, and then I started with the blood. I had to repent because I was involved in major sin. I was doing dope deals with these guys, and working with this club. I was in sin. I had to repent for that. What got me in that whole environment in the first place, was my own sin. I also had to forgive. Those guys tried to murder me. I had to forgive them for that. So we have to start with the blood, amen? There might be some sin that’s involved in your trauma. Even if it isn’t your sin, forgive the person who sinned against you. Let’s have Holy Spirit help us right now to remind us if there is anything that we need to repent for, or forgive in our trauma, as we go forward to get healed.

So, just put your hand on your belly or your heart. Holy Spirit, right now, would remind everyone of any sin that might be involved in their trauma. Maybe it’s a divorce or loss of a loved one or loss of a job. Maybe they need to forgive their boss. Whatever that trauma might be, Holy Spirit, please tell them right now by the revelatory power that you bring, what sins need to be dealt with first in Jesus’ name. Just let Holy Spirit minister to you.

Now, take that particular revelation and put the blood on it. Repent for whatever Holy Spirit told you to forgive. If you didn’t get a revelation, just keep on, and begin to release the blood anyway, because it’s the blood that atones for the soul.

Now, let’s pray together. Just say, “Lord, wash me clean of any sin that was involved in my trauma. I repent for anything I’ve done that was sinful. I forgive anyone or any business that was associated with my trauma and I ask that you would cleanse me of all sin that could further wound my soul, and I repent for getting involved with the drama of the trauma. I break my agreement with that. I am not going to focus negatively on my trauma. I’m not going to be consumed by it. I’m going to get healed of it. I decree it right now in the name of Jesus.”

We don’t stop there, do we? Now we release the Dunamis power of the Holy Spirit into our soul! This is where we get the term soul healing. This is what we call “soaking.” We are soaking in the presence of the Lord, and intentionally focusing on Jesus. Remember the woman with the issue of blood, who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment? She was completely healed, and she was healed by the Dunamis power of the Lord.
Next week we will continue, but for now, spend the rest of the week asking God to show you areas He wants to heal in your life, and begin to get your soul healed. Walking victoriously in all you do!

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  • barbara smith

    so bless thank you for being open, to cause someone else to be free.

  • mila Vazquez

    Every time I go through steps like this, I can breathe easily through my nose. It’s like my nasal passages are OPENED.
    I prayed a Prayer of Renunciation some time ago and experienced the same thing. A Pastor I respect said that it (sense of smell / and that area) was connected to Discernment…regarding our gates. Thank u Katie I’ve been dealing with Sinus Infection for the longest. It’s gone, just like that..Blessings Abound

  • Valerie Towers

    Love your blogs and how you dissect the healing for our soul May you be richly blessed today n every day

  • kerryray


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