Thank you for your desire to volunteer with Katie Souza Ministries! We appreciate your heart to serve and your willingness to donate your time to God’s work! Please fill out the following application form in its entirety. If you are interested in serving at an event, find the name and date of the event on our events page, and be sure and include it. While filling out your application you may stop to save and continue for your convenience.

Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield volunteers are those powerful prayer warriors that are called to intercede and decree God’s blessings over KSM/EEM. They will receive Prayer Directive declarations each week via email. We encourage Prayer Shield volunteers to send in their testimonies, because we believe that they will be blessed as they intercede on behalf of this ministry. If God is calling you to become a member of the Prayer Shield, please select that option in the appropriate form field below. Once again we are extremely thankful to you for your desire to serve with us in making a difference. Blessings!

Ministry Statements


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  • We are always looking for Intercessors committed to praying for us. If you have a desire to be a part of our worldwide Prayer Shield and other intercessory prayer teams, we would love to hear more of your heart and vision for this.
  • Please share with us how and why you believe God is leading you to serve with Katie Souza and The Prison Outreach of Expected End Ministries. We look forward to hearing from you!
  • Please use this area to tell us about your personal experience of how you came to know Christ and how He has impacted your life. Include a brief testimony of your Christian Experience.
  • Volunteer Agreement

    I understand that Katie Souza Ministries and the Prison Outreach of Expected End Ministries (KSM/EEM) is a Christian Ministry and that the focus of KSM/EEM is to transform captivity into promise. I have read and familiarized myself with KSM/EEM Mission Statement, Ministry Values, and the Discipleship Program. In the event that I become a volunteer for KSM/EEM, I will act as a representative of the ministry and I will comply with all the requirements as set forth by KSM/EEM. I certify that all the statements made by me in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I authorize KSM/EEM to contact the reference I have listed. I understand that KSM/EEM has a non-smoking policy, and if I am asked to volunteer in the Administrative Offices or at KSM/EEM Conferences, I will not smoke during my time of service to the ministry. I understand that it will not always be appropriate for my children to be with me while volunteering for KSM/EEM and that I will get permission before bringing them. If I serve at the Admin Offices or at a Conference, I voluntarily assume all of the risks and accept personal responsibility for all damages and losses to myself or to my children that may result during activities as a volunteer with KSM/EEM. I understand and acknowledge that injuries may not only result from my own actions, but may also be caused by the negligence or actions of other volunteers, staff, clients or other agents of KSM/EEM. I hereby release, waive, discharge and covenant to not file a lawsuit against KSM/EEM and/or any of its members, principals, officers, directors, employees, agents, representatives, successors, assignees and any associated organizations, employers, and agents and I hold them harmless from and also any and all liability, losses, damages, including (with limitations) attorney’s fees, or costs of any kind or of any nature that are caused by, resulted from, or are related to my volunteer activities with KSM/EEM. I agree to never disclose any privileged information about Katie and Robert Souza, and/or KSM/EEM. I will maintain the confidentiality of Katie Souza and all staff, volunteers, members, guests, residents, and partners. I will not disclose any names or personal information that may be disclosed to me during my time volunteering. I understand and acknowledge that in order for me to disclose any information in regards to KSM/EEM; I would need written and notarized permission from Katie Souza. I understand that this application is not intended to create an employment contract, either expressed or implied. I understand that as a volunteer, I will not receive any pay or benefits. I understand that KSM/EEM may, at any time, change any policies, procedures, or programs in accordance with the needs of the ministry and those we serve, without notice. I am aware that this relationship can be terminated at any time by either KSM/EEM or me without reason. I understand that any and all information about me which I have provided to KSM/EEM will remain confidential. I have read the Ministry Values, the Mission Statement, the requirements of the Discipleship Training Program and the Volunteer Agreement. I agree to adhere to these principles and requirements to the best of my ability.
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