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Lend A Helping Hand

Thank you for your desire for volunteer opportunities with Katie Souza Ministries! We appreciate your heart to serve and your willingness to donate your time to God’s work! Please fill out the following application form in its entirety. If you are interested in volunteer opportunities at an event, find the name and date of the event on our events page, and be sure and include it. While filling out your application you may stop to save and continue for your convenience.

Praying For Katie Souza Ministries

We have seen miracles take place and the heavens open because God has answered the faithful prayers of our prayer volunteers! Thank you for your interest in partnering with us in prayer! We are so grateful!

24/7 Prayer Team

We have desired a 24/7 Prayer Team for a very long time! The team is growing and are praying with results! If you are willing to spend more time in prayer for Katie and this ministry, we would love to have you become part of this Prayer Team. Our goal is to have partners praying around the clock! You can pick the ½ hour you would like to pray but keep in mind we keep the times in Arizona time only! (You DO NOT need to fill-out a Volunteer Application.)

Prayer Line Retriever

This is a prayer line that is available to our partners, and every day people leave their prayer requests on it. Each evening a volunteer that is assigned to that day will pick up the requests and pray for them. That’s all you would do. You don’t answer them back, just pray! If you feel this is for you, then Susan in our Prayer Department, will let you know what days she needs help on. (You would need to fill out a Volunteer Application and sign Prayer Guidelines. This is for U.S. Partners only.)

Prayer Shield

Prayer Shield volunteers are those powerful prayer warriors that are called to intercede and decree God’s blessings over KSM/EEM. You will receive Prayer Directive declarations every Thursday via email that will direct you on what we need prayer for. We encourage Prayer Shield volunteers to send in their testimonies, because we believe that they will be blessed as they intercede on behalf of this ministry. (You DO NOT need to fill-out a Volunteer Application. Also, there is no specific time to pray nor do you do you need to call in.)

Monday Night Prayer Team

This Prayer Team is focused on KSM/EEM team and upcoming conferences and events. It is on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. Arizona time. (You would need to fill out a Volunteer Application, be a Partner with KSM/EEM, and you will need to sign Prayer Guidelines that will be emailed to you.)

Join Our Grassroots Movement and Help Support Our Mission

Volunteer Application

If you’re interested in volunteering, please complete the application below and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

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If you have interest in being part of our Prayer Shield and/or intercessory prayer team, please share your heart and/or vision for this.
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