Vision Related Headaches Healed!

I was healed!
Within the last 3 months I was was getting some vision related headaches that only recently started happening.
Even just trying to focus on something right in front of me was starting to cause headaches, like using my cell phone or watching tv, and there was nothing much the eye doctor could do. They did prescribe glasses, but they did not help much. As for the poor color vision, which I had; even the Mayo Clinic website indicates ‘No treatment’.. But there is with God. I remembered reading about Jesus healing the blind man.. He healed the blind man, why not me! I asked God to help me, and open my eyes, let me see. .
A day or so after the yearly appointment, God starting working on my vision, and it became incredibly distorted, [It was temporary, even though just a few days earlier, it was at 20/20. I could not read a large sign with 3 inch lettering almost literally in front of me. I would highly recommend going to an eye doctor ASAP!] God has completely restored my vision to normal, no more color vision problems, and with NO headaches. My vision is now better than it has been in years! That’s my Jesus! -D.

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