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I’ve been working on this revelation for years, but I finally got a massive key that tied it all together. So, I believe that this teaching, Victory in Trials, Making Wrong Things Right, has taken on a whole new realm of power. I know it has for me. My level of authority has taken a gigantic leap, and I’ve seen major miracles of all kinds take place in my life, through this revelation. I believe you’re going to get massive breakthrough in your life, too!

I want to begin by relaying some amazing metal miracles! The woman’s name was Terry, and she had surgery in 2018 on her rotator cuff. She had two screws put into the ball (or head) and was unable to do her hair because the metal screws, prevented her movement. She said that she could barely walk when she got to the conference, and could only do things with her right hand. She also had a spinal injury from a car accident three years earlier. Then she fell off of a porch, landing on her head six feet below, messing up her number three and four vertebrae in her neck.

She had metal and cadaver bone with screws and bolts, which caused constant tightness in her back and shoulders. Well, the metal completely disappeared as she sat in the conference the previous night and she was healed!

Then at a prison event, Larry testified that 21 years prior, he had a drill pipe, which was 32 feet long and weighed between two and three thousand pounds, fall on him when he was working in the oil fields. It broke his neck and his back.

Larry said, “I’ve had three major back surgeries since then. They had to take a bone out of my hip, go through the front of my neck, and fuse C4, 5, 6, and 7. And in my low back, I have a 15-inch scar where they did a laminectomy and put in three 10 inch rods, two plates, and several screws that tighten the plates.”

I asked Larry, if he had ever been able to actually touch and feel the plates and the rods with his hand, but he said he hadn’t.

However, one of the correction officers (a Sergeant) brought us a metal detector, which detected metal under the skin. After waving the wand over Larry’s back, I asked the Sergeant, “What would that mean to you, that you weren’t detecting any metal in a man that once had metal in his body?” He replied, “It’s a miracle.”

Then, Granger had a bullet in his right hand that he could feel, and he allowed me to feel it too. He had been blocking a small caliber gun, when he was being shot at. He said that it hurt when it was cold outside.

Our time was almost up, so I asked everybody to start praying in the Spirit, and I asked the angels to come forth. I knew the angels were doing their work and I prayed, “We thank you, God. There will be no pain and no metal. In Jesus’ Name, right now.”

I asked, “Anybody have any improvement, any kind of improvement at all?

Granger could still feel the wound, but the bullet was gone! The sergeant put the metal detector over Granger’s hand. I asked him, “What would that mean to you?”

“Different.” He replied. So to confirm, I asked him, “So obviously, this (the metal detector) goes through skin, right?” He said, “Yes ma’am. Yes ma’am, it does.” “So there’s obviously no metal in his hand?” I said. The officer replied “No.”

Another gentleman, Corey had metal in his knee that he had gotten from a racing injury, which caused him pain at about a level five. His pain level went to zero! He had been unable to bend his knee, and was amazed when he was able to bend it! His friends testified that he had always walked around stiff legged. I had the Sergeant use the metal detector, just so everyone would know I was not scamming them.

The guys in the audience went into shock. Half of them totally believed and had real revival. The other half didn’t know what to believe. They thought we were pulling the wool over their eyes. So, they decided they were going to follow those guys that had gotten miracles to chow. In that prison, when you went into the chow hall, you had to go through a metal detector. They knew that every time those guys went through the metal detector, they set it off. Well, guess what? They didn’t set it off this time!

This is becoming regular business for us, and it is so fun, because God is that good!

Next time, I will tell you one more fantastic metal miracle, and then I’m going to dive into the revelation that has allowed us to have these miracles in our meetings. I think you might be surprised when you hear what it is!

Big Love,

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