Ulcers Be Gone

So I contacted your ministries on a Tuesday asking you to help me break through with the dunamis power and asked how to apply the power of Jesus’ blood. I had issues with finances, health and weight. You told me to soak. So I did just that. I imagined everything blood red, every cell, mind, body, soul, spirit, past, future, then I imagined I got lost in the blood, nothing could be seen except the blood. Then the same with the blue fire light of dunamis. Then both together with purple light. I asked God to resurrect me as I am dead and to forgive me any sin that I have forgotten. In my mouth for 3 years now I had open ulcers sometimes 1.5 inches raw skin. All over even down my throat till they used to make me gag. Nothing was healing them. One day left side healed next day another burst open on the other side. So I soaked on Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday the ulcers closed. There were 12 ulcers and 10 closed. Today one week later, only one is there half closed and one half open. I got a message from God just like you said a thought, that the reason was one day when I was at work with my friends they told me, “Come see a miracle, a statue is producing milk. 10 of us ran to see it in a Hindu temple. At the site was food that had been sacrificed. Everyone ate some including me. This was what was wrong. I asked God to forgive me for going and for eating the food that was there.” Thanks so much Katie and God bless you abundantly. I have suffered for 3 years with these ulcers. God bless you and your Ministry. -D. D.

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