Totally Healed

I have been dealing with my hands breaking out in cuts and open sores, dry itchy fingers, (like one or more paper cuts on each finger. My hands break out in small fissures and sores (like paper cuts on every finger) and redness and itching. I’ve seen many dermatologists, a specialist, had all the allergy strips on my back and no conclusion. Have use a variety of recommended creams and ointments to know Many have prayed for my fingers over the years to no avail. I read Katie’s book on “Healing the Wounded Soul” and then used the book, “Soul Decrees” and claimed every decree. I did this on Monday night, and Tuesday morning when I woke up my hands were totally healed. No fissures, no sores, no red itchy dryness. I am rejoicing and sharing, not only with friends and family but my TOPS weight loss group (non-Christian) and anyone who will listen! I have been thanking the Lord for days, for healing me!! I want to get the teaching “Live Free: Escaping the Trap of Bitterness of Soul” and “Soul Food.” I have prayed those prayers and am believing that God will heal the swelling of my stomach. I have been gaining weight and fighting an addiction to sugar. I did pray with Katie online, and I’m believing God to hear and move in my body. Amen and Amen!! -D. T.

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