Too Many Coincidences

I had student loans totalling $35K years ago. Had to withdraw from college due to my daughter with critical diabetes out of control etc… was too much to attend to her needs as a single mom and school. My loans have been sold- fees added – now about $100,000.00 and growing!!! I have been sowing $111.11 every week since hearing the Deuteronomy 1:11 sermon of Katie’s. I listened at work and everywhere else I went – the next several checks were 111 1111 0111 etc… looked at the clock 1:11 too many coincidences then the next check MY B’DAY!!! 04051964! I thought is this You God? I started sowing everywhere – God caused my husband’s credit report to jump 100 points and we were approved for an FHA low interest loan. I just got one notice from the student loan manager- $0 payments due for a year! Waiting on the other. I am in faith believing that theses are going to also GO IN JESUS’ NAME! -S. K.

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