Lesson 8

When God gives us Miracles, we want proof, don’t we? Some people are fine with being able to move things they haven’t been able to move in a while, but I like concrete proof. So when God healed my ribs, even though I knew I had gotten a miracle, I went to see the doctor for x-rays. Two weeks earlier I had two separate independent MRI’s so, of course they thought I was crazy.

They told me I did not need x-rays, or another MRI, because ribs do not heal in 14 days. It takes at least 8 weeks. So, you know me, I’m telling them all about how God healed me and my miracles! Finally I just said, “Give me the x-ray!” They gave me the x-ray, but I had to switch doctors in the process. The doctor that saw me initially was not the doctor who got the last set of x-rays. I walked into the appointment with the new x-rays in my hand, but didn’t know he hadn’t seen any of the other films yet. He had no idea what was going on.

I handed him the x-rays and said, “Are my ribs broken?” He took out the first x-ray and looked at it.

“Who told you your ribs were broken?” He asked.

“My ribs were broken 14 days ago in a car accident.” I replied.

“And they said you had broken ribs? There is absolutely no sign on these x-rays that your ribs were ever broken. If they had been broken, there would be new growth, we would be able to see where they had been broken.” He was pretty adamant about my ribs never having been broken! I had to tell him the whole story. It still amazes me!

I have all the x-rays, and the MRI’s showing that my ribs were broken and then they were not broken! Not that they were healed, but that they were never broken. Think about that for a minute. I really thought about this for a while, and I think I know why I got two major miracles in such a short time. God gave me a miracle that healed my punctured lung, and then He healed my ribs. First of all, we had a lot of people praying for us. As soon as we were in the accident the call went out for prayer, and within an hour we had hundreds of people praying for us. The power of prayer works, but there is another reason. I have spent years getting my soul healed of all the trauma I’ve been through in my life. My soul was already cleaned from trauma, so there was no place for a new trauma to have a foothold in my soul.

I’ve lived through some traumas. Many of you may not know my story, but I was on the streets for years. I was a dope addict, a meth cook, and I was a collector. I did collections for a living, meaning I went and kicked people’s doors down. I held guns to people’s heads and took their money and their possessions. I lived a very, very violent existence and I had a lot of violent things happen to me. I may share some of them with you next time, but I want to go back to when I was in that ambulance going to the hospital with the hemothorax. I felt the weight of this revelation, the truth of it, become active in me. I had already been healed! After all these years of soaking my soul in the presence of the Cross and the Resurrection, I felt the power of that revelation. When I was in the ambulance, in my body, I’m doing this, “Ugghh,” I looked like I was going to die and I was a mess. But all of a sudden, I recognized something; I knew that it was well with my soul. My soul wasn’t going, “Ugghh, ugghh.” My soul was deep, like a still lake, and it was calm, and peaceful. I’d been healed of past traumas, and twenty minutes later, God miraculously stopped the internal bleeding and saved my life. I really believe, that.

When you’re healed of past traumas, and a new trauma comes, it can’t get a foothold in your soul. You can expect a miracle to happen very quickly. We need to start getting healed of all those past traumas now so we can get healed of any new trauma that comes along. We will prosper even as our soul prospers. We have to get healed. Then we will start to see all the afflictions fall off, and if anything else happens in the future, we are primed for a miracle. I received two miracles, right in a row, and I really believe it’s because I had already received so much healing in my soul, amen? -K.S.

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