The Wounded Soul

Lesson 1

I am going to be speaking about…you guessed it…The soul! Man, the topics that are connected to the soul are just really endless. They’re so expansive, they’re so wide, and varied. As I have been, digging into Scripture over the years, I have found so many things connected to the soul and how the wounded soul affects so many areas of our life, places that we have no clue are there until God shows us that we need healing in that area. God wants us to get healed in our souls because he wants to change every single area of our lives. He wants us to live the abundant life that Jesus came to give us, and that is going to happen! You’re going to start to see amazing miracles happen when you get your soul healed.

So, we know sin and trauma damage our soul, but I would like to share some personal things that may help boost your faith. It is always good to give God the glory when He shows up! First though, I would like to look at the book of Job. I know I talk a lot about Job, but dang, the man had a lot of trauma.

Chapter 1 of Job talks about raiders coming and killing all of Job’s servants, then stealing all his vast herds, flocks, camels, and donkeys; and then after that, all his children were gathered inside a house and a whirlwind came and smashed the house down on them killing them all. That’s a lot of trauma. In chapter 2 more trauma happens. Job gets stricken by Satan with painful boils from head to toe. That would traumatize anyone. All the trauma Job lived through wounded his soul indeed. We know this because Job mentions the word “soul” 23 times, and many times he says, “I’m vexed in soul,” “I’m mourning in soul,” “my soul is poured out,” “I am bitter in soul.” When he says these things, he says it only in connection with the traumas he has lived through.

Trauma wounds our soul which can cause us to get sick. It can cause diseases and disorders to develop in us, and it can also prevent us from getting healed of the effects of a trauma like a broken leg, a broken arm, or some sort of an injury we might have sustained in a sports or car accident. Of course, trauma comes in many forms. It’s not always something obvious like a car accident. It could be living through a prolonged period of stress. Maybe you find yourself in a place of perpetual trauma. One incident after another over a long period of time can be just as detrimental as a major car accident. Losing your home, or a job, perhaps the loss of a child, or going through an ugly divorce; prolonged illness, either yours or someone you love, or having to call hospice for a family member are all traumatizing. All these things can damage our soul. Trauma, trauma, and more trauma.

Sometimes we try hard not to show we are barely surviving. We’ll say, “No, I got this. I’m good. No, I’m fine. I’m okay. Yeah, it’s a bummer, but I’m good.” When in actuality, inside, we’re not good. We’ve been getting wounded. We are wounded by all the struggles and the trauma we’ve been going through. Once your soul is wounded by trauma, it can cause you to get sick, and prevent you from getting healed from an injury. Remember, our soul is made up of our mind, will, and emotions and what affects our soul can also affect our body.

I found this quote in Wikipedia, and I would like to share it. “From the classical period to the medieval period, the body and the soul were believed to be intimately connected…. Wounds on the body were believed to be correlated with wounds to the soul and vice versa; wounds were seen as an outward sign of an inward illness. Thus, a man who was wounded physically in a serious way was said to be hindered not only physically but spiritually as well. If the soul was wounded, that wound may also eventually become physically manifest, revealing the true state of the soul.” 1

I am going to have to stop here. I know, I wish I had unlimited space as well, but I have a lot of things I want to share with you, including my own major trauma from a car accident and the miraculous way God healed me!

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  • Steve

    Some things in our past we can’t undo, and they cause very deep, life long wounds. One of my problems is cigarette addiction, but it numbs my chronic pain. I haven’t figured out how to get set free of them yet. The thing that keeps me going is my faith and “The Promises”
    In this world I think suffering may sometimes be inevitable, but this world is passing away, and I have to keep reminding myself…
    This is just temporary! Very small spec it the grand scheme of eternity.
    I love your teachings, and spirit to dig in to God’s word. That is truly where the answers are.
    Thanks so much for your dedication and ministry.

  • Rhonda L. Ryan

    You are the best teacher world wide. There is no other like you. You search deep for the reasons and truth behind why we are like we are and what caused it and how to remove it. NO OTHER TEACHER EXPLAINS HOW TO FIX IT,but you. Great job!! Keep it up!!!! Love you Katie!!! We’ ve watched you come along way.

  • Linda Anderson

    You have changed my life with your teachings……..Gratitude and blessings……..You explain things in an easy to understand way along with proof of Scripture side by side…….Outstanding teacher !! Thank-you !!

  • Charlotte Kelley

    Hi KS, let God fills your Soul with more blessing the way He is using you for blessing us.

  • Glynda Lomax

    Such deep revelation. Thank you, Katie, for all you do! I know there is a cost to get to revelation like this. May our Jesus bless you very abundantly!

  • Debbie

    How do soul wounds reflect in the body?

  • Amy

    I had a very difficult childhood and the abuse at the hands of my parents and a few other family members was so well hidden, few people knew or knew how to help me. When I reached 18 I thought I would be free from the torment, but I was wrong. It kept getting worse, even though I had moved away from my abusers, the damage had been done to my soul. I kept messing up, being confused, feeling lost, feeling damaged, without coping skills or someone I could trust to help me. Counselling helped some, I studied psychology in University, that helped some. I had a boyfriend who was 16 years older than me and he helped teach me life skills which I had not learned at home, but he was also troubled. I have continued through my adult life having a deep sad void wishing I had a father who would nurture me and do what regular parents did, love their children, not try to destroy them. I am now 46 and I feel like finding Katie’s messages this weekend were a prayer answered by God to lead me to the answers I have been searching for and will teach me how God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can help me to heal. Thank you Katie!

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