Lesson 18

My husband had a successful window company that went under when the ‘famine’ hit in 2008. In three months, the trades dried up. Robert was unemployed for almost two years. At one point, we were out of money and didn’t know what to do. My husband was saying, “Maybe we should do this, or that, or this…” Suddenly I went “SNAP! Hellooooo!” We don’t make decisions down here in this realm where we use our own reasoning from our limited human knowledge. We can only see what’s in front of us but God sees the past, present, and the future. He knows the path we are supposed to take. Demons are trying to tell us what to do down here. I needed to go up and find out Heaven’s perfect answer to the problem.

So, I ascended and suddenly Robert was up there with me! He strolled over and gave me that charming look. He had a safe and knew the combination, so he opened it up and there was a blue velvet pillow with a beautiful big diamond on it. I said, “What is that, Lord?” And He said, “It’s the provision I have for you!” So by faith I grabbed that diamond, came down and released it here in this realm. For the next week, whenever the Glory came into my house, I commanded it to manifest. I would speak into the Glory cloud – “I command that diamond to manifest!”

Soon afterward, my husband got a phone call from a company that he had not talked to in two years. They had a job for him. It was the largest job his company ever received and it only took them about four weeks to do and was worth $250,000. The secret things belong to God but the things revealed belong to us!

This is not a prosperity message; it is a provision message. God has provision for you that is in your homeland where you are a citizen and have the right to it. Because you are ‘seated in heavenly realms in Christ’ you can go up and get it. If He shows it to you it is because it is yours and He wants you to have it!

Let me tell you what that “diamond” did for us. It removed our debt, took care of his partners and employees and enabled us to live comfortably for over a year. The tool of ascending enabled me to get it. Robert knew the ‘combination’ to that safe, because he had the knowledge of how to do the job. God took a skill Robert had and used it to bless us.

You need to unpack what you see. Write down what you see, then go back into the trance and get another vision and repeat the process. Write down everything. Even if you see a raccoon crossing from left to right on a road! You might not think it makes sense, but take the time to unpack it by looking up raccoon and road in a regular dictionary and by doing a ‘key word’ search in your Bible. Look at the scriptures that come up about ‘the road’.

If I see a blue boat, I look up ‘blue’ and ‘boat’. The color blue in the Bible means ‘revelation’. I look up the word ‘boat’ in a regular dictionary and see what it means (even if I think I know, many times I am amazed at what I find). Here are some good tools: Wikipedia, Blue-letter Bible.com, Strong’s Concordance, and Thayer’s Lexicon.

Unpack every little movie short or video you see. God is giving you instructions and the answer to your problems. You might think, “That is the goofiest vision I ever saw!! That can’t mean anything!!” The God of the universe just spoke to you while you were in Heaven. YOU need to take time to figure out what He said. When you do this, you will rid yourself of blockages, hindrances, and problems that are coming against you. One after the other you will erase them off your list!

This is how we have been able to grow so fast, so far. I took time to understand what God was saying to me using symbols. Why doesn’t God just speak plainly to us? We grow up and become mature in the unpacking process. One of the best ways to become supernatural is through the unpacking process! The more you look up, research, study and discover, the higher, more anointed, and wise you become. Then you will be able to unpack other people’s dreams and visions! You will become like Joseph and Daniel. Kings called for Daniel and adorned him with many rich robes and gifts because he could unpack any problem – even the ‘knottiest of problems.’

Receive by faith, this impartation to be able understand the things that you are going to see when you ascend into the heavens.

In the Name of Jesus, I am loosing upon you the interpretation anointing that this ministry carries to understand symbols, dreams, visions and the things of Heaven that you will see when you ascend. I loose the Joseph, Daniel and knotty problem anointing that we carry.

So, receive the impartation to understand the visions and things you see in the heavens so that you can unpack and move into them and see victory and breakthrough in your life.

In the Name of Jesus, I decree that you are receiving it now. Amen!

Now, take everything that you have learned and ascend into the heavenly realms and expect 2018 to be the most blessed and prosperous year ever!

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