The Path To Peace

Lesson 3

We need to be influential. When referring to inmates, the world usually says, “Let them stay in there! They committed a crime; who cares if they ever get out.” I’m influential and I’m making it cool to have a prison ministry! Ex-cons used to be the only people doing prison ministry and they were always last on the list to get funding. Not anymore, because I now have influence. Prison ministry is the hip ministry to support now! People want to go inside with me and watch metal disappear from people’s bodies. How fun is that?

Dunamis is working! I have “the power and influence that belongs with riches and wealth.” Now, I have moms, dads, and business leaders that never would have stepped foot into a prison, as volunteers for me! I’ve got Holy Spirit with dunamis creating influence and causing me to change the way society thinks about prison ministry!

Dunamis also means the power to perform a miracle. You have miracle working power in you right now and you’re wondering, “How do I work a miracle?” Ask Holy Spirit to tell you. He will tell you just how and who to pray for. Then when you pray, the dunamis power that’s in you, will be administrated by Holy Spirit and a miracle will be performed… miracles in your finances, your family, your marriage, your body, or wherever you need a miracle, because dunamis means the power to perform a miracle!

Ask Holy Spirit to find out what’s wrong with your marriage. Why are your kids on the street? Remember what it says in 1 Corinthians 2:10; that He diligently explores, examines, and searches out everything. He finds the hidden things, the things beyond our scrutiny and gives us the divine counsels of God. Send Him out on a mission, and then have Him release dunamis on the root of the issue.

We need to start working the Holy Spirit. I made a list that I went through, which used to be several pages long, but is now down to one page. Holy Spirit has systematically gone out, found out what the deal was, found out why this was happening to me, and then released dunamis power in that situation to fix it.

You might be speaking to Holy Spirit every day, but do you speak the Word to Him? Memorize and begin speaking Corinthians 2:10 to Him. He responds to the word! Holy Spirit really goes into action when you give him the word. Look what happened in Genesis 1. When God was creating the earth, there was nothing but a void of chaos. The Spirit of the Lord was hovering over the void. Holy Spirit was there waiting for God to say, “Let there be light!” and BAM, there was light. Holy Spirit is hovering over your situation, just waiting for you to talk to Him, “Sic’ em Holy Spirit, sic ’em!” He’s waiting for you to quote the Word!

My favorite meaning of the word dunamis is “excellence of soul”. Our soul is our biggest problem! Your spirit man is perfect. It’s Jesus Christ in you, the hope of glory. Your spirit man doesn’t get offended, angry, frustrated, fearful, or upset; it’s your soul that does that. It’s your soul that yells at your kids, flips out on your spouse, or gives the middle finger to people that steal your parking place before you can get into it.
Your spirit man was made instantly perfect when Christ came into you. The finished work of Christ is in your spirit man right now. You have access to all the promises in the Word. But, it’s your soul that gets in the way of them manifesting. The bible says, “Sin wounds the soul.” Trauma and generational issues also wound the soul.

Isaiah 30:26 says that God binds up the brokenhearted and heals their wounds brought about by their sin. The word, “wound” there means pain or sorrows. We feel pain and sorrow when our soul is wounded by sin. We are also wounded by trauma. This world is full of trauma!

Just watching the news or perusing social media can traumatize you. Everybody’s going crazy right now. You know why they’re going crazy? Because they’re wounded. That’s why everybody’s losing it and acting stupid, because they’re wounded. If we all got healed, we’d all get along. I don’t care if you’re left, right, center, whatever; you’d get along. We’re not getting along because we’re wounded.

We need to get healed. The bible says in 3 John 2 that we will prosper and be in health, even as our souls prosper. As we become healthy and prosperous in our inner man (soul), our mind, will, and emotions, we begin to have prosperity in our finances, health, and marriage! We’ll stop yelling at our kids and spouse and we won’t care if everybody’s freaking out. We’ll be at peace!

Have you been blessed by this ministry? If so, consider Partnering with us or making a One Time Gift! I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers!

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  • Randi ker

    Thank you for always having encouraging words and guidence. I needed this, I started an inmate family Support group and I am having a hard time getting people through the door they are embarrassed and lack the motivation in our area. Please pray for the spirit to guide me and help break the resistances and I will pray Corinthians 2:10 over this. Thank you and may God bless you, your such an amzing, inspiring person.

  • Eli

    Thank you for this encouraging message and reminder! That’s a great idea to make a list..
    God bless you Katie and your ministry!

  • Christi

    Thank you. Your healing the soul and cleansing DNA has transformed my family in ways that no one could have ever hoped or imagined. I am telling anyone who will listen!

  • Tommie Kelley

    I really enjoyed this and plan to write a list of so many questions and things I’ve been wondering about to allow the Holy Spirit to assist me. Thank you! I can’t wait to see what happens.

  • Marlene Mayoh

    I have enjoyed and studied much of what you have available I have been battling arthritic pain in my legs especially,
    This has been several months.I have sought the Holy Spirit as to why and released dunamis power in this area.
    Do you have anything from God to say to me.Love and blessings,Marlene Mayoh

  • Nancy Colledge RN,BSN,CLC

    I’m so looking forward to meeting you and the other speakers at the Charisma conference in Orlando next weekend! Katie I have been so blessed listening to your CDs and learning so much! You’re insite into spiritual warfare is amazing!!!