The Mountain of My Soul

Lesson 17

One night, God put the symbols of the mountain, the temple, the snow, and the train all together for me and showed me the Biblical proof. In my dream, I was making my way down a snowy, ice-covered mountain (the mountain of my soul). I could not find a way down the steep, snowy slope. I said, “God, I’ll never be able to make it down this mountain.” Suddenly, the Spirit of the Lord fell on me in the dream and said, “Turn this way and look.” I turned and saw a hidden route down the path to the bottom of the mountain and I knew I could get down. The next morning, I asked God what that meant. I got quiet and let Holy Spirit speak into my mind. Then, I heard, “Mt Zalmon”. I went to the Bible application and typed in the word “Zalmon”, and sure enough, I found that Mt. Zalmon is in the Bible and it’s snowing on that mountain! (See Psalms 68:1-18).

Psalm 68:1-2 (AMP) reads, “Let God arise, and His enemies be scattered; Let those who hate Him flee before Him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away; As wax melts before the fire, So let the wicked and guilty perish before [the presence of] God.” The scripture continues with decree after decree about God coming in with His delivering power for His people. Then it says in verse 14, “When the Almighty scattered [the Canaanite] kings in the land of Canaan, it was snowing on Zalmon.”

The Bible says in Job 38:22-23 (AMPC) that snow is used for “the time of trouble, for the day of battle and war”. In my dream I was on Mt. Zalmon, the mountain of my soul, but it was snowing! God was telling me it was time to do deliverance! He was sending snow to make war and battle against all the demonic kings that were attached to the wounds in my soul, on the mountain of my soul!

In Psalm 68:18 (AMPC) it says, “You ascended on high. You have led away captive a train of vanquished foes…” Verse 21, “But God will shatter the heads of His enemies, the hairy scalp of such a one as goes on still in trespasses and guilty ways.” In my husband Robert’s dream, we were in the train station and there was a train full of enemy soldiers! I was there making sure that nobody got out until the train left the station. God was leading away “captives in His train”!

Psalm 68:17 (AMPC) reads “The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands upon thousands. The Lord is among them as He was in Sinai, [so also] in the Holy Place (the sanctuary in Jerusalem).” God is delivering the mountain of our soul – coming into our sanctuary, our temple and putting snow into our temple for the time of war and battle, causing it to snow on Mt Zalmon in our souls, coming into our temple, and leading away trains of captives!

Many times we will feel heat when we are praying for someone. That’s the light, because when you turn on a light it gets hot. So, when we pray for someone and feel cold, that is deliverance! Hail and snow are used for time of war and battle! Holy Spirit gives us these signs so we can tell what is happening. God’s coming and He’s scattering the evil kings off this person’s soul – the Mt. Zalmon of their soul – and it’s snowing.

I had a vision of an angel who was driving an ice delivery truck. I was sitting on a curb waiting for him. He pulled up and threw out a bag of ice and then pulled away. I thought, “What was THAT?” Now I understand that we carry an anointing to freeze people; to release the snow for the time of war and battle. We freeze people all the time and they get deliverance. I only do it when God tells me to do it. Once a friend came to my house and we were worshipping and jamming out to my loud music. God spoke to me, “Ice her right now.” So I began to ice her in the Name of Jesus. I got ice cold as I was sending ice towards her. I began running my hand up and down her back as I commanded, “In the Name of Jesus, come off of her right now, in the Name of Jesus.” She turned to me and said, “My goodness! Your hand feels like a block of ice going up and down my back.”

One of the simplest things we can do is put on some powerful praise music and begin decreeing Psalm 68 over the demonic. Decree like this, “Let God arise! Let His enemies be scattered! May His foes flee before Him! As smoke is driven away, so drive them away, Lord! As wax melts before the fire, so let the wicked perish before the presence of the Lord! Right now, the Lord almighty is scattering the kings of the nations that are attached to my soul! He’s making it snow on Mt. Zalmon, the mountain of my soul, and He’s using that snow as it says in Job, for the times of war and battle! Snow is being released on the mountain of my soul; God is going to lead away a train of captives! Amen!”

Next week I will teach you how to position yourself to receive visions. Visions are important tools used in soul healing, so don’t miss out!

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  • Bert Smith

    Amen, thanks Katie, I needed that, God is Good, Hallelujah.

  • Karin

    Thank you for this timely word! I was playing songs of deliverance as I was meditating on Psalm 32. And then ….,your email. I am so empowered by The Word and your teaching on it!

  • Valerie Laycock

    Amen. Thank you Katie.
    That is a powerful teaching.I experienced frozen left foot on many occasions.( especially when I pray in tongues with our church.
    God bless you.

  • JoJo

    About 9 months ago I had a dream I woke up on a sofa in my new home (we had been house hunting) and there had been snow everywhere, inside the house and outside as well; tons of snow. I had no idea what that meant, thank you Katie for your interpretations. I have been praying forever for deliverance! I can’t wait to soak those soul wounds & apply Psalm 68!

  • Joanne

    Awesome right on time I just had my roof coated for protection & it looks like snow & I have been battling w/ the enemy on & off for a long time! Now I believe & see a sign of deliverance! I’m ready b/c I’m so tired of being tested in various ways, & am really looking forward to God’s Promises for me, family & pets. The enemy as even been attacking my pets for example my dog almost died last year my cat almost died this year and my cat has been puking since the Fourth of July and I’ve been praying that it stop! I hope that it is now time to be delivered and set free indeed in Jesus name!

  • Robert Woodring

    Katie about 7 years ago God gave me Job 38 verses 22 and 23 which I had no ideal about but it so impressed me that I wrote it down and tacked it by my computer. I had no idea what it meant but since it was in Job I figured patience played a role and Lord I need patience but hurry please!

    Not long after that I stumbled onto you and your ministry and what you preach clicked with me.And you come with the answer to the snow and hail mystery.

    Thank you Katie and God bless

  • Tina peddy

    Hi Katie, about 3 weeks ago I layed down to take a nap.I had a vision of a white picket fence with two glasses of lemonade in pretty glasses on it. I reached to grab one of the glasses and something on the fence poked my fingers! I immediately woke up and I even had pain in my fingers! I think I know what this means but would like to know what you think. If possible! Thanks Katie!

  • Doris Ford

    KATIE, I love how the Lord brings Revelation to you on things so that we can then work it by meditating on it and decreeing things, so we can receive breakthroughs and ultimately our miracles and HEALING!!
    We are in need of revelation , as to what is needed for God’s solution to restoring the exterior if our home, from damages which a storm that attacked our home in July, 2016. (Long story) God knows what happened, we need to know if we have caused a delay in bringing closure? What is God requiring of us? We forgive contractor for running out on us, stealing monies. PLEASE PRAY!!

  • Valerie Laycock

    Thank you Katie for the teaching and CD: Holy Spirit and Dunamis Power.
    Holy Spirit showed that I had a wound in my soul, that why the women attacked me.
    It was caused by a demonic necklace, that I was given as present.( in the 90’s)
    I had a vision of snow on our car.Powerful!!
    God bless you..❤️⭐️