The Little Things

Oh my!! I just have to share this story. First of all, I’ve only been listening to Katie Souza for little over a month since God showed me that this was the way to get healed. I had been praying and God had been healing me. I had received so much healing. He took away my chest pain and weakness. He is such a faithful God. My prayers were about being healed and having my illnesses never return and I think it is for that reason that He showed me about the soul and about Katie Souza because as she says, “This is how we stay healed.” There were some things I was battling for a long time and I just kept asking God, “How do I get healed and stay healed from this (insert affliction). Slowly the Holy Spirit has been showing me different areas in my life that needed correction. It’s been amazing! I know I have more healing to go, but I’ve been so content and at peace. But today I am writing this to give a praise for something that might seem so small, but was so BIG for my husband and I. We have both been getting our soul healed. We’ve been needing a new slipcover for our couch but it had long been discontinued. We kept patching it up so as not to be wasteful. I’d look at new couches and think to myself that it be wasteful to buy a new couch when ours is still going strong it just needs a new slipcover. I very much did not want to be wasteful. I had randomly throughout the past months looked at eBay to see if I would find something, but it never showed up. Many months ago I did buy a new slipcover for the chair, but I never could find one for the couch. So, we’ve been getting our soul healed right -getting rid of snakes and all sorts of things. So today all I said as I saw a new hole on our slipcover, “God we really need a new slipcover.” I then went to eBay to look one more time and there it was!! Not only the correct slipcover for my sofa, but the color I had wanted too!!! I hadn’t even been that specific in my prayer. I had only asked for a new one, but God already knows what we need! He already knows! This might seem so small and as I said above I’ve received bigger miracles too with healing and correction. I love being corrected because I keep feeling that peace as I make amends and repent and get healed with dunamis. I just had to give praise for this because we know how God says He takes care of His birds and flowers and if He does so much for them how much more would He do for us and I am just so ecstatic because we serve a God who delights in giving us even the little things which to me seems so BIG because I know it was God! -S. M.

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