Morning blessings! I pray for you and your ministry. Dear Sister/Mrs. Souza, This may be somewhat lengthy, but will do my utmost to keep it short, I have so much to share. I started to attend church January 2012, I never was a fan of church, nor any of the doctrine, but always believed in The Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. I got baptized to my great surprise in July 2012. In August 2012, I started a deliverance process, which I was clueless about. I would just return every Sunday, service after service, but today I understand it was the Holy Spirit, taking me back. Thank God. I left my first church for personal reasons, in March 2013. Then, end of March 2013, I found my spiritual mother at another church. I am obviously leaving the background of my life and the transition to this other church. During that time, I was still going through a deliverance process, yes for all those months, I had no clue what was going on, just that I was manifesting (which I understand today) not then. When I met my spiritual mother, she introduced me to Katie Souza teachings, and I embraced the teachings, and received so many great revelations on the healing of the soul. Wow! I understood like a lightening hit me, about the importance of healing of the soul. As my journey continued, I had to change church again, since, I was not able to get to the end of these crazy manifestations. My spiritual mother and I which we now both attend a church that understands this side of deliverance. Through it all, I did understand that God is my deliverer, and trusted in Him for this journey. In late 2014, the Lord delivered me finally from (for me) what was a painful and long journey. But, today, I am so thankful for what I went through, because had it not been for that, I am not sure how far I would be. Today, in November 2016, I started back to listen to Katie’s teachings. Bitterness – I want to specify that I had already gone through this deep process of forgiveness, family, broken relationships, being sexually abused in a relationship, abortions, daddy issues, mommy issues, anger, violence, fighting, sexual perversion and dominance, etc…and the list continues. Now, that I am doing the bitterness, the Lord literally delivered me at home, and some of the same issues I had dealt with, some came back, and give me a much deeper revelation. I mean a real deeper revelation and was delivered. I ‘ve been listening to Bitterness for at least two weeks, almost every morning. What a journey! Now I am on the serpent teachings. And this morning as I am listening to disc 4, I literally started to cry, because I had bought the necessary items to do communion, but I have not started. As much as the serpent teachings are altogether powerful and insightful, the communion broke me down in tears and just a state of gratitude. Yes, I knew of people of being healed during communion and understood its’ purpose to some extent, but this CD words cannot explain other than even as I write I tears running down my cheeks. I realize I believe in Jesus, that He delivered me from so much, and His love for me and others is so incredible, but this somehow, as penetrating my soul. Mrs. Souza, I want to really thank you for sharing your experiences, your knowledge and your heart with us. I really look forward to my new year to start. Because of these teachings I myself will surely share the teachings. Though I have already when I do minister to people, the importance of healing the soul. Next week Wednesday, my pastor has given me the privilege to teach bible studies, and guess what is the subject: Bitterness. I could write so much more, but I will refrain. Again, I thank you, I thank you, I thank you, I will for sure attend one of your conferences when you are close in the area. However, I know that my spiritual mother has contacted your ministry to visit Canada. We are praying for that clearance and that she can invite you here, in Montreal, Canada. In closing, I still tear, because of these deep revelations, that continue to transform me. Also, thank you for sharing with the world, your testimony. I pray that the Lord continue to use you in His boldness and courage. It is Women of God like yourself and my spiritual mother that inspire to want to serve the Lord in truth and in spirit, for His glory and see people lives transform. I am a new woman in Christ, a new ID, new standards that can only be of Christ. I myself am working on the baby steps of my own ministry. I owe it to God. Love conquers all – Love without borders. Love you, and God bless. You are in my prayers. Whoa! tears.. -M. P.

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