The Holiest Trade of All

Lesson 12

Last time we established that the king of Assyria is the strongman over every idol. This evil king is attached to our soul, and he takes us to court. How is he attached to your soul? Look at Isaiah 10:18 (AMPC) (that whole chapter is about the Assyrian king), it says, “[The Lord] will consume the glory of the [Assyrian’s] forest and of his fruitful field, both soul and body…” The king of Assyria has a fruitful field, and a forest inside your soul and body. The Lord says that he is going to consume Assyria’s fruitful field and forest that is in your soul.

How do you get healed in your soul? Dunamis power! Dunamis is the soul healing anointing used because, it says in Acts 10:38 (NKJV) that, “…God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power (dumamis), who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed of the devil…” Have you heard the scripture that says “the anointing breaks the yoke”? It’s in Isaiah 10:27 (KJV), ” And it shall come to pass in that day, that his (the king of Assyria) burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.” People quote that scripture all the time, but they don’t quote it all the way in context. It’s saying that the anointing will break the yoke of the Assyrian king off of your neck. The anointing breaks the yoke of every king off of your neck, but it makes a specific point of saying that it will break the yoke of the Assyrian off of your neck. Remember, he’s the guy that has his fruitful field in both your body and your soul.

I have personally battled this, but God has given me step by step revelation, and I’m giving it to you. I had not been free my whole life, but I am free now of these idols and their noisy mouths, driving passions, and unholy desires. And you’re going to be free too!

Secondly, the Assyrian king has been taking you to court, and you haven’t been there, which causes you to lose the case. Let’s keep looking in Isaiah 10:1-2 (AMPC). The Lord is addressing the Assyrian king. “Woe to those [judges] (judges that judge in the court) who issue unrighteous decrees, and to the magistrates (magistrates also operate in court) who keep causing unjust and oppressive decisions to be recorded (decisions are made in court), to turn aside the needy from justice and make plunder of the rightful claims (claims are made in court) of the poor of My people…”
God is telling us that He is sick of Assyria coming to court and making unrighteous decrees, oppressive decisions, and having them recorded against His people, while plundering their rightful claims. He’s tired of unrighteous judges and oppressive magistrates. Assyria has been going to court, and you haven’t been there, so you have lost the case.

But now, we are going to take the king of Assyria to court. We will be taking two things with us. First, we are taking the body and the blood, because we’ve been making unrighteous trades by spending our money, time, energy, and thought life, on idols. We have not been trading righteously. However, the holiest, most powerful trade in the universe was when Jesus Christ traded his body and his blood for every sin we could ever commit, including idolatry. So, we will be partaking of communion.

In 2 Chronicles 30, Hezekiah reinstates the practice of celebrating the Passover for the first time in generations. I believe that God led him to do that, so he could begin trading. Until Hezekiah’s reign, Jerusalem was full of idols, and the people had been trading with those idols. They had been spending their money, time, energy, and focus on idols. Hezekiah cleaned up the idols, right before the Assyrian king attacked.

When Hezekiah reinstated the Passover, as the people took it, he prayed for them, and they were healed. So, we are going to take communion, the holiest trade of all, up into the court with us. We are also going to take an offering with us when we go to court. We will be following in Hezekiah’s footsteps.

You should study 2 Chronicles 31 (AMPC), which is the chapter before the fight with the Assyrian king, in which God wiped out 185 thousand Assyrians, Hezekiah received 15 more years of life, and he became a very wealthy man.

Next time, I will also elaborate on why we should take an offering with us into court. We will begin our lesson with 2 Chronicles 31. You will want to participate, so that you receive the same type of blessing that Hezekiah received! A hint…it was HEAPS!

Big Love,

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  • dana

    Thank you Katie for this teaching
    God Bless you & your Ministry

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    God Bless you real good Katie and all partners of your ministry. Thanks also for mentioning Robert Henderson’s teachings on the courts of heaven 2 blog posts ago, was able to check out his meetings on YouTube and was blessed #Shalom

  • Debbie Bailey-Sookoo

    Very interesting can’t wait for the next one

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    Thank you Katie! I can’t wait to learn more about the court room of heaven! How to enter in and how to get my break through!

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    Hello and God bless you Katie i had a dream about you last night and I discovered this message today which in an really needing God bless you

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    Obedience it better than sacrifice. Let God lead us in every thing He wants us to do and we shall succeed. Amen .

  • Dhafa Anthoney

    Every kingdom have three things that keep it in power. 1=the constitution of that kingdom. 2=the warfare weapon and lastly the economy of the kingdom. We have seen their economy and constitution strength, how is the king’s warfare?

  • Gabby

    This is great, but where did I miss the teaching on how the Ayssirian long is the king of idols? I didn’t find a verse about it in any of the previous blogs.

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    Very powerful. I’. looking forward to the next step. Blessings to you Katie

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    Hi Katie,
    Greetings in Jesus name to you.
    Thank you very much for sharing this message. I feel I am going through very similar situation. I am very much broken and tired because the enemy is harnessing me a lot through his agents, I hope you will understand what I mean. so Please keep praying for me I am waiting for Jesus and for the Holy Spirit of the Father. i am waiting for my deliverance, I am waiting eagerly.
    Thank you. Lord Jesus Bless you.

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    Hi Katie thànk You so much for above lesson I am excellent of doul now .All the questions I had fir almost a decade were answered I thiught my life was over but now I see the lihgt at the end of the tunnel.I am still waitng for the teaching on how to go to court to report idols .hope to see You than thank You God bless You.Thank You for being a blessing

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    Sorry Katie for your little Luke .may God be with You .He us your Keeper

  • Velinda Rutherford

    Hello friends. I feel like Hezekiah as I too have instituted the Passover in our home
    I have my offering ready and now ask you to join me in prayer because now my family needs miricles. We need God to place us into a home, and we don’t be have the money to pay for it yet. My son Bryan needs a job and I’m asking God to remove the dryness. Money must come now. I release the dunamis Power over these prayers and thank you for your help. I Love Jesus ❤️❤️ and This ministry.