The God Who Saved Me

I want to start by saying that the enemy does not want this powerful testimony to go forth. I typed it and had gotten to the high point and the computer erased everything. I am not discouraged and can type again. All honor and glory go to my Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you Jesus. The God who saved my life. Katie, please don’t use my name . I have to obey authority and give to Ceaser what is his. I was raised a Catholic. But I always felt the power of the Holy Spirit and a deep love for Jesus. However , I was empty. I had soul wounds. I felt rejected . I felt a need to be recognized. Combined with that I also wanted to serve God and do something for His Kingdom. Not knowing that I had to ask for His will to be done. I made many mistakes. The biggest one was meeting a group of men on Craigslist who said they could make my project a reality. God spoke to me and told me they were frauds. I didn’t listen. Of course God was right. When I found out , I was afraid of man and lied to cover it up. But in the midst of this mess, God led me to a Christian Church and I was saved and baptized. Soon after I ended up doing four years in federal prison. However, God used me. On the first night of my arrest God gave me a number in a dream. I saw that number for three years and finally met a young woman whom I had the honor of leading to Christ. God used me prophetically in her life and she received a miracle. Those numbers turned out to be her birth date…a few months before this, someone gave me your book, “The Key To Your Expected End.” It was through your book that I began to see my accountability and surrender to God. It was then that I repented and God gave me two promises which manifested. The best part is that I am delivered. God gave me two beautiful spiritual daughters. God gave one a miracle. The other has an anointing. God has told me she has the anointing of Jael . That she will be a powerful woman of the tent. She is still fighting the surrender but God is working in her. I am so thankful to Katie for showing me my disobedience. Well, for being the vessel of the true and living God. God is great ladies. This testimony has many prophetic details, I am waiting for HIM to provide an arena at His appointed time. Be blessed,  -L. T.

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