The First Step

Lesson 15

I am still on the topic of people dying before their time. I promised last week that I would share with you an example of someone that we fought for. You may have already heard the testimony, but I’d like to repeat it again. Georgia Marshall is one of my prayer generals. She has been with me on my intercessory team for many years. She’s one of the most powerful women of God I’ve ever met and she has been diagnosed with chronic lymphoma leukemia (CLL). One lung was completely impacted by CLL, and the other lung was filled with fungus. Georgia went to expert after expert, until the sixth doctor finally figured out what she had. They had to drill a hole in her side and go into her lung to find out what it was. She developed huge lumps on her neck from this disease, and she was dying.

Every day for 60 or more days someone from my team, either myself or my other generals, (Roxie Priscilla or Tsion) soaked her soul. We simply released the revelation on soul healing by putting the blood from the cross on her sins and traumas, and by applying the resurrection power (Dunamis), on her soul. Daily God would show us a different wound on her soul that was allowing CLL to be there.

People that are dying of chronic diseases could have hundreds of wounds in their soul that are allowing diseases to afflict them. People pray and pray for them, but they are not praying for their souls. They’re praying for their physical bodies to be healed. We must begin praying for people’s souls, because people are dying out of God’s time, due to wounds in their souls. This is what we did every day. We prayed for her soul to be healed, so that she would prosper and be in health even as her soul is prospered.

The doctor told her, “We want to start treatment.” (Which is what Georgia had been avoiding.)
When they administered her very first dose of treatment, she had a bad reaction! There was too much Benadryl in the mixture, and as soon as they began the treatment they had to stop it. So, she never received treatment, but when she went home, because we had been faithful to continue to contend for the healing of her soul, suddenly the lumps in her neck began to disappear. Then she began gaining weight because she was able to eat. Next, the pain started leaving and they took her off of oxygen because she could now breathe. She was no longer hacking and coughing up stuff because what was in her lungs was dying. She was being prospered in her health even as her soul is prospered.

How do we heal these wounds that are killing people before their time? Simply two things, the blood from the cross of Jesus Christ, and a power called Dunamis that comes through the resurrection, because sin and trauma make wounds on your soul.

The first step you need to take to get these wounds healed is to plead the blood. You need to repent and forgive people that you’re angry with. You also need to repent for your ancestors because wounds can be passed down through the generations. The blood is for the sin, and you need to apply it, and that blood will wash away the sin that wounded you. Many time we do not even realize that sin and trauma have left wounds on our soul, which is why we need the blood. What would we do without the cross of Jesus Christ? The blood has a specific job, which is for the washing away of sin. Whenever you read about the blood in the Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament, it always refers to the shedding of blood for the atonement or the washing of sin, but sin and trauma have made wounds on our soul. There is a special power for healing those wounds and the good news is that power is still Christ!

This power, called Dunamis, comes from Christs’ resurrection. There are many Scriptures that connect Dunamis with the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Paul says in Philippians 3:10 (KJV) “That I may know him, and the power of his resurrection…” That word “power” is the word “Dunamis.” (Strong’s G1411 dynamis) It’s saying there’s a power called Dunamis that comes from the resurrection. Romans 1:3-4 (KJV) “Concerning his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, which was made the seed of David according to the flesh; and declared to be the Son of God with power, according to the spirit of holiness, by the resurrection from the dead…” and again in 1 Corinthians 6:14 (KJV), “And God hath both raised up the Lord, and will also raise up us by his own power…” Again, “power” in those verses is the Greek word “Dunamis,” and it comes to us through the resurrection of Christ and actually raises us up!

I have much more to tell you about this amazing gift called Dunamis, but alas, once again I am out of space and time! Tune in next week (same Bat time, same Bat channel…am I showing my age?)! You will not want to miss out on learning about this gift of the Holy Spirit!

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    Love your teachings/blog, Katie! Always learn so much from them! Thank you for posting them!

  • Nikki

    We are new to this soul healing. My family has been listening for the past year.  In the last year i lost my aunt my poppy and my grandma  (the spiritual leader of my family).  My other aunt almost died while possed with a demon. My sister started suffering from panic attacks and can’t get rid of them and all of her kids have spent 1 if not more nights in the ER. I started doing your weight loss series and i gained 10 pounds over night. We did the dreams series and have had nightmares every night instead of vision.
    We believe your teaching is the answer .
    We are listening to your teaching we are soaking our souls. Yet things seem to keep getting worse. I don’t believe in death from sickness. Its not gods will.  We tried to bring my grandma back and we couldn’t.  Right now my family is so hurt and confused by everything that has happened. I feel like im so distant from god now and we are all styggling with our faith.
    What i cant get is if we are soaking and seeking. If we are praying fasting taking commumion. Why does the enemy have a right to keep attacking us? Where is our authority over him?
    We have jobs and kids. We cant spend every minute of the day soaking and praying.  And if i say that a curse is broken why does it still prosper against me?
    I don’t understand why we arent seeing any answers or results to our prayers. 

    • Sharon

      Hi Nikki
      I am sorry t hear that you and your family are going through so much. Keep trusting in God, no matter what happens. I pray that God will show you the truth, His word is the truth. Trust in Him and Him alone, He is all you need. Praying for you.

  • R

    Isn’t this healing great, and a testimony of OUR GREAT GOD!!!
    I think it’s too bad that ALL OF US don’t have God’s GENERALS to pray over us, in this intensive focused manner.
    I live in Denver, and I find it near impossible to find someone who knows to pray this way, who has the time,
    the motivation, and a concentration of the LOVE of God to do this for someone.

    I’ve learned to pray for myself because I KNOW in Denver, it’s not going to happen that anyone will pray for me.

    Denver has a 2nd heaven of free mason witch craft. and I would almost bet that EVERY church in Denver is somehow influenced
    by this 2nd heaven situation.
    But I wonder if you will believe any of this I’ve written here, probably not.

    But I thank you for this testimony and your efforts.

  • keith v webb

    This is Truth. What may be ‘true’ is subject to the Truth for Truth is Jesus The Christ.
    Thank you Katie for all your teachings and passion for souls to be restored

    Keith †


  • gerhard

    Wonderful. Praise Jesus. My mom was hurt real bad in live..please pray with me for her.her name is Lydia myburgh from kimberley south Africa. Her sel number is +2827117823..she lost all her money. She gave her live for other people..she lost her she needs help..please pray for my mom…

  • Terri austill

    GOD’S PERFECT TIMING,I GIVE ALL GLORY AND PRAISE TO GOD AND THANK HIM BOTOM OF MY HEart THatHE CALEd YOU. That YOU ARE OBEDIENT . ThiS day i took authority overall things, from ancestor s to all future generations. Thank you DO MUCH FOR FUTURING LIVES OF GODS CHOSEN .

  • Nick Self

    I am a ex heroin addict & until now have never had this depth of healing! I want to thank you Katie for your teaching from Heaven! I feel & walk & talk like a new man because of Jesus healing the wounds in my soul & my past! Thank You Jesus for Katie! I pray Lord please bless Katie & her husband & the ministry 10 times above all they could ask, think or imagine in Jesus name amen

    P.S because of all my past wounds that are now healed & being healed, please pray for me & my beautiful wife Kim & our marriage to be fully restored, also so I can move back home permanently to my wife & kids!

    Thank you so much
    Blessings Nick Self

  • Ellie DiGiulio

    I love everything you teach. Thank you. I want to be your partner.

  • Anne

    This is so helpful, the way you explain it shows me how to pray. My 27 year old son was just diagnosed with melanoma. The lesion is deep He has surgery next week. My brother died of this same disease.
    But I feel revived to pray now.

  • Harvey Underwood

    You should write books. You have life experiences and God has shown His love, grace in your walk. Amazing
    love in your life

  • susan Pilgrim

    Excellent article –makes sense to me …i feel t pastors n body of Christ need to hear this … I’m trying to get rid of bad self-image n rejection n fear … constantly struggling w net feelings …i do have your soaking cd’s … I’m trying to repent of anything in my generations n my life n forgive all hurts … but its taking too long … yet I praise God bc I know He is perfect in all His ways n that I am t one that needs to change n press in…

    Thanks again n God Bless!

  • Ron T Phillips

    For years I have been teaching on Spirit, Soul and Body. It was this year that the Lord began to show me that there were
    issues in my soulish man that had not been healed. I started studying 3 John 1:2 and it was amazing what the Lord began to
    show me.
    You article confirms exactly what the Lord showed me. We must get healed of the things in our souls in order to move to the next level with out Lord and His purpose for our lives.
    Please pray for me, I am suffering with severe psoriasis and lung issues, I was up coughing all night. I am asking the Lord to show me
    what needs to be healed in my soul, mind, will and emotions.
    God bless you Katie, you are a source of great life to us.
    Pastor Ron T. Phillips

  • Robert Boyles

    Thanks, I had not looked at the soul in that way. This was interesting. I appreciate what you send out.

  • Mel C.

    Thanks Katie for the blog. I remember the show on Daystar whenb you first spoke about the power of the blood. It sending the blogs, I can’t find your schedule on Daystar, I knew it use to be sat. at3:30-4pm and then I heard your mmessage on 11:30pm but what day? I DVR most of my stuff, but what I missed I am trying to get back to, busy in the tourist season in Niagara, hard to get alot of things accomplished, but keep on keeping on. Off on the down season, have the Serpent and Soul CDs, have to go back again and again to get everything on the fire cd and cds in general. Believing for my financial breakthrough in 2017, owing no man anything but LOVE: romans13:8. Stand in agreement with me. Thanks again. Matt18:18-19. Amen.Mel C.

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