The Final Key

Hello, my name is Darryn, I am 29 years old and live in Cape Town, South Africa. I would like to share with you what I have experienced after the holy spirit led me to your teachings. The Lord called me at the age 18 to the prophetic which I have experienced so many difficult seasons in my life. I have been in ministry for 11 years now but always felt something is missing, a missing pierce of the puzzle. I’ve come to a place in my walk with the lord asking Him to reveal to me why I can’t move forward, why I can’t seem to move into the place that I know and been confirmed so many times. One day while watching Daystar, your program was on, and you were speaking about healing of the soul, Dunamis power and the importance of it in restoring your soul. While watching, the Holy Spirit told me that is the final key for complete freedom and liberty and for where you are going. Immediately I downloaded the teaching and soaking for “Live Free Escaping Bitterness of Soul”. I took off from work and I laid on my bed playing the teaching. While laying and listening to your voice, Jesus walked in the room and sat on my bed, taking my hand, and in spirit I saw myself as a little boy and Jesus was there taking me through every door in the temple of my soul, each door held a very painful memory I have forgotten or buried very deep in my soul, woman of God, I wept and wept for hours, and each time we go to a door, the painful memory would play out and when we left the room, the light of His Glory would shine in that room in the temple of my soul. After this was done, I felt delivered, free, liberated…. I could breathe again, I felt like going to my parents and just hugging them (They are the main reason of the pain due to rejection etc.). All praises to Jesus. I was invited to minister last night and while preparing, I’ve asked the Lord what do I say to your people and He told me to take His people through the same teaching of Live Free Escaping Bitterness of Soul and I obeyed, wow the feedback after the service and healings, deliverances and the power of God showed up in the meeting. Oh yes before I left for the meeting, He told me I want my people healed. Woman of God, I say this with tears in my eyes Thank you for your ministry, your life, for allowing our father to use you as an end time key to the body of Christ to bring healing and wholeness. I am so blessed and overjoyed. Your ministry changed my life. I want to honor you and thank you again, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I am telling all my friends and family to get your teachings, its life changing. Please if you could share this with the woman of God. I would appreciate it if she can read this email. Blessing, -D. D.

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