The Extraordinary Power in Communion

I was listening to Katie one day and she was sharing the power of communion. The importance to take it at times we feel we could become offended. To prevent an offense landing on us and to prevent snakes landing on us.
So I thought, this is a beautiful idea …I’m gonna try this on my mother in law …before i go in her room and get offended (she lives with us) I thought what a great thing…I’ll take communion and stay offense free. So I take communion and I go walking in her room. She greets me w a couple “Good morning sweet peas”! Starts telling me how efficient I am and how I must make a wonderful wife (for her son) So now I’m thinking “wow! That was extraordinaire ..I had incredible favor just after taking communion!” It was sweet! I left the room with no offenses …only a huge smile upon my heart and face ! It was a beautiful moment and definitely made me see the extraordinary power in communion even in simple but very important day to day issues with people. Praise God! -A. B.

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