The Dove Has Landed

The “Dove has landed”. You know the old saying, “The eagle has landed”, well in this case the Dove (Holy Spirit) landed in Gutu, Zimbabwe with a mighty power. I am back in the USA now. I had a blast in Zimbabwe! The books, Soul Decrees, were delivered to the leadership and a couple of Bibles. We saw 12, 072 patients in 5 full days. We prayed for 5,029 patients. We had 576 (Jews) come to faith in Yeshua! There were 66 people baptized at the clinic, 1321 people had miraculous healings, and 158 were delivered from evil spirits. As far as follow-ups, 425 people filled out cards saying they were interested in becoming part of 40 local congregations. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Jayne

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