The Condensed Version

I was the 2nd child, had an older brother and a Mother who was left by my father when I was 2. When I was 13 my mother remarried My older was drafted and was serving in Vietnam war stationed in Hawaii. My stepfather not wanting to deal with my teenage shenanigans gave my mom an ultimatum, me or him. I was given up to a foster home after trying to commit suicide and being released from the mental ward of the local hospital. The foster home I was sent to had 5 other girls there all being raped by our foster father. I ran away got into drugs and eventually ended up in the home of the Vice President of the Hells Angels in Daly City. After about a year there I had another short relationship with a vet and when that didn’t work out I ended up with a drug dealer. We were being investigated by 2 undercover agents and had a secret grand jury indictment against us and were picked up one afternoon. After a years worth of court appearances I received a 5 to life. I got out after 2.5 years went to a halfway house for another 6 months and then went back home to the Bay Area. I ran into a woman who had protected me when I landed in county jail and oh did I mention I was just 18 when I got busted and 19 when I went to prison. I was looking for a room when I ran into this woman she offered a spare room she had, I moved in and she ended up holding me captive for a year. I escaped almost barely and moved here to Oregon. Where many years later I found Jesus. I wish someone would have told me about Jesus sooner! This is the condensed version of my story. If god pursued someone like me you can believe he’s pursuing you ! I know he was because I would not be here otherwise. Thank you. -P. O.

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