Lesson 1

In this new series of blogs we will discover how images of idols burned on our souls affect our lives, our relationship with God, and block and hinder our spiritual gifts.

When we have an image of an idol burned on our soul, what we see and hear can be affected by that image. We look or peer through the image burned on our soul. Here is an example in the natural. I worked at a major television network and there were monitors in every room. At the bottom of the monitors were digital time clocks that ran constantly to tell how far into the program we were and how much time it had left. An image of these clocks eventually burned onto the bottom of the screen so that even when turned them off, an image of the clock could still be seen.

The station periodically sold the monitors very cheap, so I picked up a couple for only $20.00 each. The monitors were good, but everything you watched was seen through that burned clock. That’s why God tells us not to focus by looking or thinking on idols too long, because an image of that idol will be burned on the “screen” of our soul. Then, everything we think about, see, or do is affected by that image.

This is one reason people get divorced. They have been wounded in the past and, out of those wounds, begin to strike out at each other, which creates more wounds. Soon the wife decides, “I’ve had enough of this.” She doesn’t understand that the problem is in her soul. She begins thinking, “That guy at my office sure is cute.” She looks at him and thinks about him and because she keeps doing it, an image of him is burned on her soul. Remember, whatever is in your soul controls you!

Soon the image of her co-worker that is on her soul controls her. Then she decides, “I’m going to get a divorce!” Little does she realize that this image is controlling her will and her decisions. She thinks she is doing the right thing because her husband is so bad, and now she has found her true “soul-mate”. She even thinks she has gotten a word from the Lord about it! If she had only soaked her soul and gotten her wounds healed, she might still be married.

This is why you hear of students shooting their classmates. It began at school when they were taunted, bullied, picked on, and teased. This wounded their soul. Then at home, they play the violent “shoot-em up” games that they’ve become addicted to. The images of that violence coming off the TV shoots right into their eyeballs—the windows to the soul—burning those images with all that violence onto the soul. Then the idea hits them to kill people at their school. The wounds on their souls and violent images controls them causing them to commit murder.

How do images of idols affect our relationship with God and our ability to see and hear in the supernatural? We may be reading the Bible through the images of idols burned on our souls, thus getting wrong interpretations. We may get a prophetic word that comes to pass, but at other times they don’t. At times we hear from the Spirit, but other times we are hearing from the polluted stream of our wounded soul that has demons attached to the wounds and also has images of idols in it. We feel so sure of that word because that image is burned so deeply into our soul. But, when we begin to get our souls healed, everything will shift. When we hear from God, it will be clear, precise, and perfect. It will be pure. When we see in the Spirit, it will be exactly what’s going on. We will nail it. The wounds and idols in our soul affect our spiritual gifts. We think it’s just about the spirit—it’s not. It’s about the soul!

Next week, I will be showing you how wounds on your soul have a direct effect on your spiritual gifts! Catch you then!

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