Lesson 11

In the name of Jesus, I command pain to go.

I command that cancer to die.

I command that bone to grow.

I command that virus to go.

I command heart disease to be gone.

This is how we war against attacks, right? This is what we say. There’s nothing wrong with that, except, we’re leaving out the soul. The Bible says we’ll be prospered and be in health even as our souls prosper. (3 John 1:2)

Jesus healed people with dunamis power, which enabled Him to do two things, perform miracles, (dunamis means the power to perform miracles). It also gave Him the power to make people excellent of soul. He healed people in their souls and their bodies.

Aren’t we called to heal the way Jesus healed? You have dunamis too, so start praying for people’s souls! God anointed Jesus Christ with power (dunamis) but the disciples got it too. In Luke 10:19 Jesus gave them power to drive out demons and heal the sick.

The disciples saw untold numbers of people healed physically by healing them in their souls. It is available to us. It comes to us through the Resurrection. What does Paul say in Philippians 3:10? He says, “Then I might know him,” meaning Jesus, “and the power,” dunamis, “of his Resurrection.” There is a power called dunamis and it comes to us through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. When Jesus won that victory over death and the grave, he gave us the ability to live a new, resurrected life with Him. One of the ways is by receiving this power of dunamis that comes through the Resurrection. We get dunamis through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

For centuries, the church has been “pleading the blood”. We plead the blood on everything, including our houses, our children, over sickness and our finances, to name a few. We believe in the power of the blood. We’re good about the cross and the blood, aren’t we? But, have you ever spent time just pleading dunamis over yourself?

Your victory requires both the blood from the cross and the dunamis power from the Resurrection. We spend time in our closets saying, “Lord, forgive me for this sin. I repent for that. I forgive this other person. If my ancestors sinned, put the blood on their sin.” So, we pray all that but we’re still sick. Why? Isn’t the blood powerful enough?

Yes, the blood is powerful enough, however we’ve misunderstood what the blood does when we pray. The blood has a specific job. In the Old Testament, every time they shed blood it was for atonement of sin. It washed away sin. The blood’s job is to wash away the sin that wounded your soul. In Hebrews 9, it says, “Without the shedding of blood, there’s no remission of sin.” In Colossians 1 it says, “We have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of our sins.” 1 John 1:7 says that we have the blood of Jesus Christ and it cleanses us from our sin. The blood is for sin.

Sin wounds your soul. What you need for the wound is the power of dunamis that comes through the Resurrection. Dunamis means “excellent of soul”. It’s what heals the wound caused by the sin.

We need both. Without the Resurrection, Jesus’ payment made on the cross doesn’t go into effect. Jesus made a full and complete payment for the penalty of sin and sickness. He paid it on the cross, but if there was no resurrection, that payment would have no effect.

Without the Resurrection Jesus would just be a man dead in a tomb. Big love, KS

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  • Jean Stoner

    You sent me a book for my son who was in jail. He is out but his probation isn’t up until 2018. Right now a ministry came to the jail and offered help for him. They are counseling him and will help him find a job and a place to live. My prayer is that he will surrender himself over to the Lord. He will be in this place for six months. While he was in prison he saw your book in the library. Thank you for your ministry. Please pray for me. I have backslid. I don’t pray like I should. I want to be on fire for the Lord. Thank you

  • Cheryl

    Katie, this is truly revelatory, why is the wider church body so blind to the dual aspects of the blood and dynamos?! Thank you for being obedient to Abba and sharing your blogs. God bless.

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