The Best Defense is No Offense

Lesson 15

It’s so hard to fight being offended sometimes, isn’t it? People do stuff that’s just flat out wrong.

Last week, I used the man at the Pool of Bethesda, as told in John, chapter 5. He sat next to the healing pool for years trying to get into the water when it was stirred by an angel. And, every time someone cut line and got there first.

If you were his buddy, you’d probably say, “Yeah, that’s so wrong of them. I can’t believe your family’s not in here helping you at all. That’s wrong.” Or if you were friends with him and other people were cutting in line when the water got stirred, you’d be, like, “Hey! Hey you! My buddy’s first. He’s been waiting for years. That’s not cool to cut the line like that!”

It’s true. Sometimes, it’s super difficult not to be offended. But in all seriousness, offense is a sin that can wound your soul and then cause you to be sick!

Let’s look at some more Biblical proof in James 5:14, it says, “Is anyone among you sick? He should call the church elders, the spiritual guides, and they should pray over him, anointing him with oil in the Lord’s name, and the prayer of faith will save him who is sick and the Lord will restore him. And if he has committed sin, he’ll be forgiven.”

This verse gives us instruction for what we should do if we’re sick. Go to the spiritually mature, the elders of the church, get anointed with oil and the prayer of the faithful will make us well.

I just love how it adds this part. We will not only be healed of our sickness, but also forgiven of our sins. Did you get that? It says if we have committed sins, we will be forgiven. Scripture indicates right there that some sicknesses come from sin. And when Jesus heals you, of course, He does the whole thing. He heals your body and also forgives the sin that perhaps caused the sickness.

In the next verse, we have a breakdown of some sins that could possibly have caused sickness. In verse 16 it says, “Then now confess to one another therefore your faults, your slips, (your false steps, your offenses) and your sins. And pray for one another that you would be healed.” It lists “offenses” as one of the sins that cause sickness. “Offenses” refers to sin but the word “offense” also means “to be offended.” So, look at it this way, when you confess your [offenses] to one another you will be healed.

The word “healed” as it is used here means to be healed of diseases. Meaning when you get healed of the sins of offense, you will be healed of the diseases that came upon you when you took part in that sin.

I love this scripture, because it shows us that offense is a sin that can cause you to be sick. But, you don’t have to stay sick. It says when you confess your [offenses] to one another, you’ll be healed of disease. Disease has many forms, including toxins, parasites, bacteria, viruses, ailments, illnesses and more. All of that is from being offended, which is something so unbelievably easy.  We have to stop being offended because it’s making us sick. Offense is a sin that wounds your soul and brings disease upon you.

Now, offense is not only a sin that makes you sick, but it also hinders you from receiving supernatural empowerment from Jesus to get well. You want a miracle, but you’re offended! And offense stops the miracle realm from being open to you. Let me prove it.

In Matthew 13 Jesus goes to His home town and teaches in the synagogue. The people are amazed. “Wow, who’s this guy? Don’t we know his family? Isn’t his dad a carpenter? Where’d He get all these powers?” And Jesus responded to them by saying, “A prophet is not without honor except in his own home town.”

And then it says, “And He did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.” The Bible says it was the people’s lack of faith that made Jesus unable to perform miraculous healings in His home town.  However, it was not only the sin of unbelief that blocked the miracle healings. It was also the sin of offense. In verse 57, it says, “And they took offense at Him, and He did not do many miracles there.” Ouch! Do you see that? It wasn’t just lack of faith that shut down the miracle power, it was the sin of offense! They were offended at Jesus and because of that He could not perform the miraculous healings so normal for Him.

The church is sick and we’re praying for healing. We’re believing it and we’re decreeing it. We’ve got our Bibles out, we’ve got our scriptures. We’re quoting scriptures, fasting and praying and decreeing and believing. And nothing’s happening. Why?!

While we’re fasting and praying and decreeing and believing, we are offended at our spouse, our neighbor or our pastor, co-workers, bill collectors, the list goes on! We believe for healing but, at the same time, we’re angry and offended and the sin of offense shuts down the miracle realm.

Why isn’t Jesus performing a miracle for you? You read about miracles in the Bible. You know they exist and you desperately need one, but you aren’t getting it. Maybe it’s because you have become offended at someone and it’s shutting down the miracle power of Jesus. So, how do we get healed of these wounds that come from our constant offense?

It is the same two things, people. This is a simple message and it’s all about Jesus. It’s about His cross and His resurrection. The blood is from the cross and the dunamis power comes from the resurrection. First the blood. Whenever you get offended, repent, plead the blood of Jesus and the dunamis resurrection power over your soul.

Offense affects your health and your health affects everything else in your life. It is so easy to be offended. Personally, some days it seems like half the world is here just to tick me off! But, here’s the truth. You have to let it go. I hope you see there is a clear Biblical connection that offense can make you sick. The good news? Repentance, the blood of Jesus and dunamis power can make you well! Big Love, Katie

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  • Marykeith Dickinson

    I really like this new format! You rock Katie !

  • Lori K

    Thank you for zeroing in on this sin of offense. I thought I just had a problem with forgiveness, but these verses clearly show that I have to work on not taking offense in the first place. Yikes, that’s hard! But, these verses show it’s totally worth the effort. Thank you for raising my level of awareness!

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