The 11th Hour

I was battling with my lender to modify my loan and my sale is Monday the 12th. I had done everything right and my wife and I had been praying and praying over all of this. I was about to file a bankruptcy to save my home. The lender had done so much wrong and our attorney was ready to file suit against them. He told us no way will they work with us. My wife said, “God can do anything!! Let’s wait for His answer, yet be prepared in case he wants us to file this bankruptcy.” So, I was trying to file but we weren’t getting any resolution or cooperation and were just miffed. I called to tell my wife that the lady was not very nice and told me things were checked off or filled out wrong on the forms (not possible I triple checked all that was done)! But then she checked on her computer again and said everything was checked and signed off correctly. How can this be? Then they said I didn’t have the right amount to file (my wife got the information off the internet from FEDERAL BANKING site. I tried to go get a money order and was told banks won’t take them. Everything just seemed to hit one wall after the other. I didn’t tell her I found a post office to get a money order in the meantime she cried out to God and said, “God you’re telling me to tell him NOT to file! Please I need a clear sign this is You and NOT the voice of a stranger.” The day before we sent someone money to save their home (as God had directed) then my wife called me and said God told her, “Don’t do it!! Wait! Trust Me!” We had just gotten an email from our attorneys that the bank’s attorneys wanted to work this out and were trying to postpone the sale! I was literally standing at the window and the clerk had my documents and I asked her for them back! Funny how the clerk kept taking others and delaying me…this was pretty miraculous! My wife said, “I TOLD you God always waits to the 11th hour when it seems impossible and then He delivers! How else would you know it was God and not your own doing?” (She has the faith of a mustard seed!) Right before my wife called me, God told her 11:11 and she opened facebook and saw Katie Souza’s 11:11 Partner Mentor Group and God said, “DO IT!”, so she joined and called me. Now everything is falling into place…God is so GOOD and we feel blessed that God put you and your ministry in our path!! XOXO  -G.B.

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