I am have been writing inmates and requesting Katie’s book, The Key to Your Expected End, for them along the way for a couple of years or so. Recently a lifer, Willie, in TN has begun writing and I have become his spiritual hospice nurse of sorts. When he first received his book, he read it and started trying to process all that was inside. I just received a letter from him that said that he had received another of Katie’s books, Soul Decrees. Here is what he wrote:

” I received another wonderful book from Katie Souza called “Soul Decrees.” It was an eye opening feeling about our souls and how we or others can wound them, but through Christ we have (dunamis) Power from the cross and tomb to make decrees in prayer to God to heal our wounded souls and change our ways even more like Christ in God’s eyes. Amen! I hope you have received and read Katie’s book on Soul Decrees…because it has power to open our eyes into our souls that most of us have never understood how the soul is so important to heal and change in our lives to be in line with the Spirit also that is within us. I have to say that Katie lady sure has such a wonderful way to explain how our sins are forgiven in a second when we ask Christ to come into our lives as our Lord and Savior…I am once again so very, very, very, thankful for you having my name requested to the Expected End Ministries… you have given me my hope and faith a booster shot of God’s Word into my life.”

Willie will in all likelihood die in prison, so these books are an incredible source of hope for a him as he struggles to have the strength to even live from one day to the next. Please pass this along to Katie. She really should know how much her words mean to the hopeless of the hopeless. They are more live-saving than even she can imagine.  -D. J.

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