Thankful for the Miracles!

Dear Expected End Ministries,

Thank you so very much for praying for our family friend, Michael. He has not been well, at all for 2 years and the Doctors thought that his illness was Legionnaires, disease, (from not using gardening gloves, from store-bought garden soil), or using a protective breathing mask.

He has been in the hospital for a long time, and the doctors did a huge amount of tests, and then found it was a fungus on his brain. So after a good while, and a lot of prayers, the fungus started to shrink, and eventually the doctors couldn’t find it! (Thank you, God!). Then it left a hole in Michael’s brain, and thank God, now, he is home and the doctors are saying that “It’s a miracle” when they normally check the fungus on a brain, it’s from a deceased person, who had been through this condition!.

Micheal is at home, with his wife and now is using a wheelie walker, and it so happy to be home, and they are so, (and their family), thankful for your prayers and what God has done.

Also, God came through for a simple home, for me, (my first), and it also has a water well, a fully grown apple tree, is close to the beach and it was very much in my price range, (because I didn’t want to over commit myself, with a mortgage). We will do some basic cosmetic renovation and thank you, God! This will also help me on the path to financial independence so that I can also take care of my parents.

Thankyou thankyou thankyou God and team!! S.T.


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