Thank You Lord Jesus

Praise Report: With utmost gratitude, I just want to publicly say “Thank You Lord Jesus!” I just couldn’t let more time pass by without sending this message. At sunset on Monday, October 3, my wife and I were traveling on one of those narrow 2 lane country roads on our way back home from a visit to Sam’s in Farmington, NM.  A “deer crossing” sign flashed across the windshield of our car. It reminded me that this was the usual time for deer to be out and about. And for whatever reason, I was stirred to silently declare the “blood of Jesus” and His dunamis power (just like we had been learning from Sister Katie’s resources). This whisper prayer got loud enough for my wife to hear as I pleaded His blood and protection over our car, my wife and self. Then as we rounded a bend in the road, there they were! It so startled me (her too) that I barely had time to pump the brakes on a 55-65 mph stretch of road. Three deer passed in front of the car with a fourth barely 2-5 feet from the right side of the car by my estimation. We had passed through the middle of these deer at 55-65 mph without so much as a scratch to our little Toyota Prius… the only car we have. Without thinking, I couldn’t help but exclaim “Thank you Jesus!” loudly over and over for about 5 minutes and then softly off and on for the next half hour. To say that we “need” this car might be an understatement. Even with insurance, the deductible would have been $500 out of our pocket. The inconvenience of being broken down on the side of a dark road… not to mention the potential wound to our souls from the shock of hitting one of God’s precious animals… would have been a bitter pill to swallow. The Lord (King Jesus) knew exactly where we were, our needs, and kept us safe from harm!! Then and now, all I wanna say is “Thank You…Thank You Lord Jesus!”  -S. R.

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