Thank you for so much wisdom that you imparted on us

Hello Katie, my name is Michael M. and I am a child of God. I was exposed to supernatural healing through Todd White and Bethel Church in Redding Ca 5 years ago. I was freed from an addiction and was healed from COPD symptoms (inflammation) but didn’t make it go away totally, I was on fire for Jesus for 8 months but slid back into sin. I have had a serious issue with addiction since I was 14 and I just turned 51 on the 15th, It was even worse than that since I was also addicted to pornography. I have been attacked in my body since I was 18. I have scoliosis, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, high blood pressure, 2 artificial knees, 21 surgeries over the last 23 years. I recently had a major mess up broke my marriage vows and l and sinned against my wife. I was literally ready for divorce after 28 years. My wife did something she has never done before and that was to forgive me and love me more than she ever had. She recently was given one of your books which she read in less than a day while she was in jail for 3 days due to a mistake I made while I was drinking and no fault of her own. When she got out she looked you up. Just by chance you and Tony Kemp were at a conference in Seattle Revival Center this weekend. My wife lives in CA and is taking care of her dying mother but flew up to fight for our marriage. She mentioned the conference and I decided that was what I needed to do also. She changed her flight and we attended over the last 4 days. I have been empty inside for so long and forgot about what Jesus did for me. You spoke about healing of the soul and I realized that you were speaking directly to me. It took a couple of days but this morning I opened up my Bible and I opened it to one of the verses either you or Tony had used in one of the evenings. This wrecked me totally and in an instant, God answered my prayer and filled me up. My soul has been damaged since I was 6 which started my addiction to inappropriate sexual thoughts and desires, I never heard anything like this before and everything you and Tony preached about seemed to be directed at me. Even crazier is the fact that I saw human shaped shadows following Tony on stage. After reading the verse in Acts this morning which talked about Angels I realized maybe I was starting to see these angels. I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me but this morning it happened again with Tony and I saw something following him on stage. I was hesitant last night for healing but went up after the second service today for a testimony, because my bunion was half the size it was, but I showed Tony a picture of my spine, which he had me sit down to work on me after the rest of the line went through. My back pain had drastically dropped but it was still curved. He had me lift my legs while sitting and one leg literally felt like it grew out. He then had me stand up and had a nurse check my curvature which was still there. He prayed some more and the curvature seemed to be less. My wife checked it too and it seemed straighter. Here’s the crazy thing my wife took a video of the whole thing and you can literally see my back moving under my shirt, like waves of an ocean. My back pain seems even better. My wife suggested that I get an x-ray but I decided to stop at the Everett clinic to measure my height. I had shrunk over an inch and a half over the last 30 years. They measured me at the clinic and I grew around a half inch. I was given a dream 5 years ago by God and it is something I have never forgotten. I forget everything in minutes, literally but cannot forget the vision I was given. God gave me a gift and my prayer is to use it. Our world is in real trouble and you said this morning God uses broken people. Guess what, I was broken but that brokenness is reversing in a big way. He filled my spirit more than I would have ever imagined. I am a work in progress but He wants to use me to do big things. Thank you for so much wisdom that you imparted on us. I don’t deserve any of this for what I have done, not only did the Lord forgive me but my wife did as well, which has never happened. I know the Lord wants me to do similar work to what you do. I know God has given me gifts of the spirit and a love for people. Why else would he give me a vision that was so specific and so vivid, like I was really there. Thank you so much for your ministry. Please pray for me and the baby steps I need to take to start my own ministry working with the broken. -M.M

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