Thank God For The God In You

Good morning Mrs. Souza, I want to thank God for the God in you and your obedience to share: “It’s All About the Soul – Have Nothing in Common with Satan” on Jan 31, 2018. I also HAD Lupus as well as rheumatoid arthritis, extremely bad back and spasms, Reynauds disease, alopecia, pituitary tumor, high blood pressure and the butterfly rash on my face, all from the Lupus. The Lord healed me completely in 2006. As I read what you had written, I began to look back to when I was first diagnosed up to the day my doctor told me that they saw no sign more signs of lupus in my body nor could they even see where I had the pituitary tumor because it was completely gone (the only way those can be removed is through surgery and they go in through your nose to remove it ). At the point of my healing God had separated and told me “Until I accept His love and love myself, I won’t be able to love anyone else.” I knew I had to do it because I had been abused by a loved one for 7 years as a child, an ex husband who showed me no love the last 6 years of our 9 year marriage,and a gentleman I dated after my marriage was not faithful to me. I harbored a great deal of hurt and pain that was hidden. When God separated me, I spent almost a year just with Him spiritually. I released those hidden feelings, forgave those who hurt me, and forgave myself. My love for God grew and the love for myself grew. At that point is when I was completely healed. I was placed on blood pressure meds in August of 2017. I had myomectomy surgery in 2001 to remove fibroids and in December a doctor told me they had return and they found a spot on my liver that’s non cancerous. As soon as I received that information from the Doctor I reflected back on a prophetic word from my Pastor that the Holy Spirit gave her for me, ” Everything God has already healed me of will not return. God is not an Indian-giver, He doesn’t heal then take it back.” I have been speaking God’s word over me. After reading what you wrote I began to place the Blood of Jesus and pray God’s dunanmis power over my soul. As well as praying against legion to heal those soul wounds. I was already praying 3 John 1:2 and the Holy Spirit had my husband and I reading and studying Malachi 4 for the past 2 days. The word you shared has just confirmed what God has been trying to tell me and now I know the Sun of Righteousness is shining on me to heal my soul so I may prosper and be in health even as my souls prospers. I thank you again and thank God for you. God bless you. -R. T.

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