Long Distance Healing

Dear Expected End Ministries

I just want to testify about the healing I received last month during the Faith on Fire conference held in South Africa where Katie ministered.

My Mom and Step-dad went to the conference. On one of the days of the conference my Mom asked Katie to pray for me.

Over the past few years I have had several slipped discs in my spine which caused tremendous pain. I have been healed of the slipped discs, but my hip was damaged when I went to a chiropractor (for a slipped disc) in October 2017. I had been in chronic pain ever since.

During the day that Katie prayed for me, I noticed how good my hip was feeling. It was only later that same day that my Mom phoned me from the conference to tell me that Katie had personally prayed for me, and she felt led to pray for straightening of my back. I told her that I had actually been free of pain that day – and now I knew why!

Praise God for the healing of my back and hip. I had mild scoliosis, which is curvature of the spine, and the exact thing that Katie felt led to pray for healing of.
I am very grateful for the ministry of Katie, and how how she took time out to personally pray with my Mom and Step-dad for me at the conference!

Blessings, Sach Clements

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