Healed from trauma Aug 20,2020


I am a Nigerian, a mother of 3, and I just want to share how God healed my soul. I heard about Healing traumatized soul for the first time on your show Faith with Katie on Faith TV on the 15th of August 2020. I didn’t realize how much traumatized my soul was until you mentioned my case . I was bitter against the boss I worked the longest with, the other 2 bosses I worked with afterward practically talked down on me and I almost lost my self-esteem. I had made losses when I tried to start up businesses of my own and every time I try to start up again, the trauma shows. So I did not really want to try again. But listening to you, you kind of saw everything I was going through. I fell on my knees and when you prayed, I feel the Holy Ghost breaking all the fallow grounds of my soul, tears were rolling down my face, by the time you finished, I felt lighter, the weight in my heart was lifted, I have since begun to make the move to start up my business again without the feeling negative or fear of making a loss . And every time I feel that trauma trying to show up again, I just make the confession in Ephesians 3:16 as you taught, and I have not looked back since, my thinking has changed and doesn’t feel bad about any of bosses anymore, I am free!. My soul has been healed!. PRAISE GOD!!!.


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